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North Korea threatens “final ruin” of USA in first statement since Trump’s UN speech

The statement does not address Trump’s personal remarks but it does address his threat of destruction.

North Korea has issued a response to Donald Trump’s speech at the United Nations in which he threatened to “destroy” North Korea. During the speech, Trump also said that Kim Jong-Un, whom North Koreans call the Great Marshall, but whom Trump referred to at the UN as “rocket man”, was on a “suicide mission”.

While North Korea’s statement does not address Trump’s clearly insulting remarks specifically, it does indicate that if Trump and his colleagues continue to threaten North Korea, it could provoke a nuclear first strike.

Below is the North Korean statement in its entirety:

“The U.S. cooked up another “sanctions resolution” at the United Nations Security Council as part of its unprecedented military threat and sanctions and blockade to stifle the DPRK.

The U.S. describes the DPRK’s nuclear deterrence for self-defense as the “biggest threat to peace”, but it is no more than a shameful logic and a brigandish deed to justify its crimes against peace on the Korean Peninsula.

The DPRK has had access to everything and gained everything it could do despite the harshest sanctions and blockade by the hostile forces, and it is a daydream to calculate that the DPRK can be shaken to change its attitude in face of the new “sanctions”.

The enemies’ reckless and ridiculous sanctions, pressure, threat and blackmail will offer an opportunity to the DPRK to bolster up its deterrence, while bring bitterer disgrace to them.

The DPRK, which towered as the most powerful nuclear weapons state despite the unprecedented difficulties and trials, is not afraid of any sanctions, pressure and war. It is now in full readiness to destroy the enemies’ bases with its resolute and preemptive strike if they show any slight sign of provocation.

In case the U.S. opts for confrontation and war at last, defying the strategic position of the DPRK, nuclear power of Juche and a world military giant, it will meet horrible nuclear strike and miserable and final ruin”.

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