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ISIS conquers Philippines city of Marawi (PHOTOS)

Philippines has a large fight on its hands.

The Philippines city of Marawi has reportedly been taken by ISIS in the most brutal way imaginable. According to the Amaq Agency, over 70 Philippines soldiers have been killed. However, the Philippine Army have contradicted this report saying that only 8 of their soldiers have been killed. It remains to be seen which report is the more accurate figure.

ISIS have set up check-points around the city in a manner reminiscent of how they came to control cities like Mosul in Iraq and Raqqa in Syria.

New pictures have been released by al-Masdar depicting the rapid conquest of the city by ISIS.

The rapid gains ISIS is making in Philippines could gain the group a foothold in South East Asia. Unlike previous Islamist insurgencies in Philippines, ISIS openly claim to hold regional and indeed global ambitions.

An ISIS checkpoint now controls traffic in and out of Marawi
A man carries the ISIS flag of conquest in front of stoic locals
ISIS fighters drive their trucks and automatic weapons through the conquered city. These images are eerily reminiscent of ISIS conquests in Iraq and Syria.

The Philippine army has sent in further units to combat the threat.

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