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Whistle-blower says ISIS war is opposition plot to oust Duterte

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Philippine media have been sharing a post from retired Philippine military veteran Abe Purugganan which claims that the ISIS war on Philippines is part of an internal coup organised by members of the opposition Liberal Party with an aim to illegally oust democratically elected Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

Mr.  Purugganan claims that he is publishing information provided by a whistle-blower who works inside the opposition Liberal Party of Philippines.

As a point of reference, the Maute Group is synonymous with ISIS in Philippines.

The entire post is posted below:

“There is a lot of noises and chatters flooding the cyberspace, you got to use your discernment to filter all these information.

Here is another post about an update on the alleged plan of the opposition to oust Pres Duterte.

These are the exact words stated by Loida Lewis and her fellow oligarchs on a meeting months ago with Liberal Party members abroad.

Source is from a Liberal party official. The yellow dont know they have a traitor working for them….He / She said that Lewis and Liberal Party members met up abroad and also used the loud speaker of their mobile phone to communicate with Antonio Trillianes. He/she said that he /she was sure it was Trillianes on the speaker phone bec. his voice was very familiar and the way he talks really sounded like Trillianes.

Their plan was to coordinate with Maute and Abusayyaf leaders including Liberal party supporters from the government in Marawi.

Lewis and other oligarchs said that since “Digong is in side with the Marcoses and supports Martial Law, why dont we Play Fire With Fire “.

One oligarch also said that the plan was for the maute group and other bandits to join forces and create chaos in Mindanao since most of the relatives of the Maute group are in Marawi. They are sure that they will protect their family ( -Maute group- ) and will use these civilians who are relatives of the Mautes to pretend and be a victim of martial law.

They already arranged paid media to cover the drama and acting of abuses and even planned bandits to dress up as AFP members and take pictures of abuses.

Their main plan is to use Martial law to destabilize the government. Force Duterte to declare martial law and create a drama just like before during Marcos time and abuse the civilians by the fake paid army and media and create chaos.

This is how martial law got out of hand during President Marcos time. The Aquinos and other oligarchs set up the government. xxx

Eto pala yung sinasabi ni Trillianes noon na may pasabog sila pagdating ng Mayo… Note that one LP senator was in Marawi 3days before”.

The post has been taken seriously by the generally reliable Philippine media outlet News Graph.

According to News Graph, the source of the leaked information is a worker inside the Liberal Party whose name has not been disclosed for his protection. As a point of reference, this is if anything, more reliable than the totally anonymous leaks that have been spilling out of the Trump administration.

There is indeed a logic to the  information contained leaks from the Liberal Party whistle blower. Duterte’s opposition have been deeply critical of his decision to declare temporary martial law on the island of Mindanao. Many would be desirous to exploit the situation in order to attempt to create ‘regime change’ in Philippines. Indeed many are all ready agitating in such a direction.

The information from the alleged leak could imply that the entire scenario is orchestrated as a kind of sick pact between ‘real’ and ‘bogus’ ISIS fighters and opposition parties in Manila with the clear intent to force Duterte in to the present situation wherein martial law has been deemed necessary.

As the post implies, such kinds of orchestrated instability was common before the era of Ferdinand Marcos.

If this information turns out to be true, it could go a long way in explaining the clockwork like timing of the ISIS offensive when President Duterte was away and in Moscow no less, meeting with President Vladimir Putin.

These claims should be scrutinised further but nevertheless, they should be taken seriously.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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