Wolf-whistling and catcalling set to become a hate crime in London

Catcalling and wolf-whistling may be deemed a crime in the UK.

Forget real crimes, as London police turn their attention towards the dangerous act of whistling.

According to London Metropolitan Police, wolf-whistling and any comment perceived as sexist could become hate crimes in London.

Breitbart reports that London’s Metropolitan Police Force have revealed they have been consulting with other police forces to crack down on “gender-based hate crime” after similar behavior was criminalized in other parts of the country.

Nottinghamshire Police were the first ones in the U.K. to record “misogyny” as a hate crime last year. Nottinghamshire law enforcement deems complimenting, texting, and catcalling women in certain contexts a crime. 

A spokesman for Scotland Yard said…

We have been speaking to other forces about their experiences of the practicalities of recording gender-based hate crime and will use this, along with feedback from our partners, to inform any future changes to MPS policy.

According to The Gateway Pundit for incidents in the U.K. to be considered “hate crimes”, the alleged victim must only “perceive” the incident to be so and it was confirmed by Crown Prosecution Service that there’s “no evidence” needed to report and record hate crimes.

Assistant Chief Constable Mark Hamilton spoke on criminalizing perceived sexism…

Issues such as on-street behaviour that people feel should be accepted as part of the interaction of daily life actually has a detrimental and damaging impact. Sexual harassment of a woman or a girl at a bus stop by a male might be some things that some women feel they are just going to have to accept, that no-one’s going to do anything about it. The debate in policing now is moving much more to identify those issues in the same way as we would other types of incident or crime,establishing if a crime has been committed or not.

Hamilton continues…

Even if a crime hasn’t been committed the debate now is similar to hate crime incidents. Should we be taking action of some variety to address the behavior before it escalates into a crime and also most importantly to try and restore some confidence to the victim and make them feel that what happened to them is being addressed somewhere?

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December 9, 2017

More Loonie, Liberal, Leftist insanity, but the farther the West falls the better it is for the world.

john vieira
john vieira
December 10, 2017

In the meanwhile rape is ok…depending on who is doing the raping…we are entering the twilight zone…Think the ‘buggers’ have hit the bottom and starting to DIG…

Tim Webb
Tim Webb
December 11, 2017

The last time I wolf-whistled a girl, she absolutely loved it.

( ps, check out the expression on the face of the girl in the picture… )

She came up a bit later and said “Did you just wolf-whistle me?”
Knowing the law, of course, I denied this, but she said “Liar!!” with the biggest grin on her face.
Later on, I kissed her, and then hugged her.


Tim Webb
Tim Webb
Reply to  Tim Webb
December 11, 2017

Interesting….if you look at the pic, it is photoshopped; the wire fence goes through the girl, at one point…

June 23, 2020

Nice to see the Met Police focussing on the really important stuff like wolf whistling. Instead of wasting their time on trivia like black kids knifing each other. Must get the priorities right.

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