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Will Prince Andrew be extradited?

The Duke of York was definitely a friend of Ghislaine Maxwell’s for decades. She is now widely suspected of being a procuress.

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Submitted by George Callaghan…

His Royal Highness Prince Andrew is almost universally regarded as a disgrace to the British Royal Family. He incarnates all the negative stereotypes of royalty. The sense of entitlement, the conceit, the class blindness, the avarice and the withering disdain for the lower orders are all among his most prominent traits. His behaviour has earned him the unenviable moniker ‘the Duke of Puke.’ His ineptitude, folly and unwillingness to heed expert advice is shocking. His mishandling of his interview with Emily Maitless means he is known to some as ‘Prince Charmless.’

Prince Andrew seems to embody Tom Paine’s dictum that ‘royalty so often gives us an ass for a lion.’ A prince is supposed to be leonine in courage moral and physical. The prince is an apex predator but not in a good way! Instead he is asinine in his behaviour and goatish in his sexual appetites. His name is mud. Over 230 organisation that he was associated with have severed all ties with him.

His Royal Highness Prince Andrew was a bosom body of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Prince Andrew stayed in Epstein’s residences on multiple occasions and hosted him at Sandringham, Windsor Castle and other royal residence.

Victoria Roberts Giuffre alleges that in 2002 she was pressured into copulating with the prince at Ghislaine Maxwell’s house in London. At the time Victoria was 17 and the prince was 42. She has shown a photo of her posing with Prince Andrew. He has a hand around the teenager’s waist as Miss Maxwell looks on.

Questioned by Emily Maitless the prince said ‘’I don’t remember ever meeting this woman.’’ Pointedly he did not deny have sex with the 17 year old. As he does not remember meeting her that leaves open the possibility that he met her and indeed had intercourse with her but has completely forgotten.

Is it likely that a 40 something would forget having sex with a 17 year old? Why would he forget? Perhaps at that age he copulated with so many teenagers that he forgot them easily.

The prince’s memory is bizarre. On the one hand he remembered his alibi about meeting Miss Roberts ‘’weirdly distinctly’’ as he said. But he then suffered a sudden attack of amnesia as to whether he had ever encountered the said V Roberts.

The prince’s alibi in relation to intercourse with Victoria Roberts in London is threadbare. He could not have been in London that night since he was in Pizza Express, Woking at 5 pm. It takes an hour to drive from Woking to central London. In terrible traffic it would take two hours. Could he not have made it by midnight.

The prince lied about his first meeting with Epstein, whether he sweats, whether he wears casual clothes in London, his last meeting with Epstein and on and on and on.

Prince Andrew claimed he had no plied Miss Roberts with drinks at Tramp’s Nightclub ‘’I don’t even know where the bar is – I have never bought a drink there.’’ That is because he never consumes alcohol and is so miserly that he never buys anyone else a drink. It would have been Epstein who was getting her stotious.

The age of consent in England is 16. Therefore, consensual intercourse between a middle aged male and a 17 year old is lawful. But was this act of intercourse – if indeed it took place – consensual. Victoria Roberts (now Victoria Giuffre) claims that she was pressurised into engaging in coitus with Prince Andrew. That is not quite rape. If she was blind drunk that would vitiate her consent. Was her will overborne? In the prince’s defence it would be argued that she was no maiden at the time and it is easy to see why she would be attracted to a distinguished looking 42 year old prince.

Miss Roberts said that the prince perspired profusely when she met him. He claims this is false since he did not sweat from 1982 until shortly before his cataclysmic 2019 interview. His claim was much mocked with him being dubbed ‘His Royal Dryness.’

Miss Roberts also claims that she engaged in coitus with His Royal Highness in various states of the USA such as Florida. In Florida the age of consent is 18 and she was under that age at the time.

In defence of the prince it is possible that he did not know that the female in question was under 18 at the time. Did he bother to ask? She could have deceived him.

HRH was asked whether the photo of him with Miss Roberts was genuine or not. He said he did not know. If there was any chance that it was not authentic he surely would have said it was a forgery.

The prince is notorious for his satyrisis. He was long known as Randy Andy. In British slang ‘randy’ means someone with an inordinately strong sex drive.

The Duke of York was definitely a friend of Ghislaine Maxwell’s for decades. She is now widely suspected of being a procuress.  The Prince’s association with this demi-mondaine was at the very least imprudent. He was injudicious in being so close to Jeffrey Epstein. Mr Epstein had an extraordinary number of teenage girls in his residences.

The prince claims he did not notice these young women on all his sojourns at Epstein’s properties. If he did spot them then he said he would have assumed that they were staff.

In the 1980s Prince Andrew was patron of a children’s charity. During this time he says he was trained to look out for indications of sexual abuse. He says that he saw nothing suspicious in any of Epstein’s domiciles.

Miss Maxwell is currently on remand in the United States. La Maxwell faces charges of transporting minors across state lines with a view to having them participate in unlawful acts of a sexual nature. The woman faces a 35 year prison sentence. This might induce her to testify against the prince.

In the 1990s a member of the Prince of Wales’ staff told me that it was rumoured that Prince Andrew was HIV positive. Certainly, shortly after their divorce Sarah Ferguson said in an interview that she had since had an HIV test. She did not reveal the result.

HRH has a richly deserved reputation as a dimwit and a buffoon. He is deeply impressed with his title ‘the Duke of York’.

The duke spent much time in Kazakhstan as an envoy for British trade. Wikileaks revealed that at a dinner for British business executives he gave a barnstorming speech against anti-corruption laws. It met with guffaws of approbation from the businesspeople who had evidently dined well.

HRH is the second son and third child of Elizabeth II. Andrew is said to be his mother’s favourite. This has done him little good. The man behaves as a spoilt toddler to this day. He is the least academic. Someone who is unscholarly can still be blessed with ample common sense. He is patently bereft of this. He has lived in a royal bubble. It is difficult to stay sane. He has let royalty go to his head. But other members of his family are not devoid of street smarts.

After Gordonstoun School and some time in Canada the prince enlisted at Dartmouth Royal Naval Academy. He was commissioned into the Royal Navy.

As Churchill famously said the Royal Navy is about ‘rum, sodomy and the lash.’ What is it about this that appealed to Prince Andrew? It was certainly not rum since he is teetotal. Flippancy aside, Prince Andrew is never said to have played the pink oboe. A seaman is said have a wife in every port. Womanising will have appealed incomparably to this archetypal philanderer. The old sea dog appears to have picked up his morals at the dockside.

Prince Edward is the artistic one in the family. After Cambridge he was ordered by his mother to enlist in the armed forces. This did not suit a delicate youth. This is about the last family in Britain where males are expected to volunteer for the military even if they are manifestly unsuitable. Prince Edward joined the Royal Marines to train as an officer. He could not take it and dropped out after a few months. He was panned in the press as ‘Wimp of the Windsors.’

Prince Edward is different from the others. In his 20s he experimented with being a catamite.

In the early 1980s Prince Andrew had a romantic relationship with Koo Stark. This British-American actress was best know for her appearance in a salacious drama entitled ‘Emily’ in which she played the title role. The story is one of a bisexual awakening. The prince really though that Koo Stark might be marriage material.

Prince Andrew wed Sarah Ferguson. ‘Fergie’ as she was known was the daughter of the Prince of Wales’ polo manager. Fergie was no mean equestrienne herself and was therefore decent breeding stock. Her mother had caused a scandal in horsey circles by walking out on her husband and two children to take up with her Argentine paramour who was a decade her junior.

When Prince Andrew was fighting the Argentines in 1982 he perhaps did so with especial relish because of the humiliation his father-in-law had suffered.

Sarah Ferguson became a princess and indeed the Duchess of York upon her married to Prince Andrew. In short order she produced two daughters. Fergie did not lose weight soon afterwards and was scorned as the Duchess of Pork.

Sarah Ferguson’s father was caught what he called a massage parlour. In fact it offered a la carte sexual services. This was not quite what the royal family wished to be associated with.

In 1992 Fergie got herself a financial adviser named John Bryan. She got on very well with this balding Texan. His financial advice extended to kissing Fergie’s toes as she sunbathed topless. He was the abominable toe man! As for Fergie’s adultery – like mother, like daughter.

Paparazzi photos of Fergie’s affair with John Bryan leaked. Soon Bryan went from toe job to no job.

Strangely Prince Andrew seems to get on better with Fergie after their divorce than before. How curious that he has grown uxorious after her adultery was splashed across the front pages. Fergie is a selfish airhead and shopaholic. Her torpor and self-indulgence are sheer decadence. Yet she is held up as a role model for British girlhood.

Fergie’s cupidity knows no bounds. In 2010 she was unknowingly filmed offering to get business contacts through her ex-husband for £500 000 in hard cash. She shamelessly prostitutes her connections. This is the sort of person we are supposed to admire?

Several members of the British Royal Family have been arrested and charged. They have been tried and in some cases convicted. In some instances they have been put to death. You may have heard of Charles I. Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard were both queens who were executed. These examples may seem too historic. How about in more recent times?

Princess Anne has two convictions. One is for speeding in her car and the other is for having a dog out of control.

No one is above the law and that includes the Duke of York. He would do well to remember this.

Can the prince be extradited? People say he has diplomatic immunity. This only applies if he is a diplomat abroad.

General Pinochet-Ugarte travelled to the United Kingdom in 1998 for a back operation. The ex-president of Chile was arrested on a Spanish arrest warrant. His diplomatic immunity was held to be inapplicable. It therefore seems improbable that HRH cannot be arrested.

Even if the prince can be extradited to the United States it will not be easy. He will fight this tooth and nail. There is nothing for him to be gained by going of his own free will.

The United States authorities have asked for official legal assistance from the UK with regard to Prince Andrew. He has been proclaimed ‘a person of interest’ in relation to the Ghislaine Maxwell sex abuse charges.

The FBI says it has made repeated requests for the prince to speak to them as a witness. Now he is more like a suspect as a ‘person of interest.’ His lawyers say he has often offered to do so. Someone is lying here. But who is it? The prince’s legal team accuse the FBI of breaking their own rules to go to the media.

Is the FBI seeking him as a scalp? If there is not ample evidence implicating him then he should not be accused. So far they say he is a witness. But they are surely banking on mounting public outrage persuading him to be interviewed by them. Better still they would like to inveigle him into flying to the US where they can arrest him.

If there is to be equality before law then he should not be treated better or worse than anyone else. Is the heat being turned up owing to his princely station?

The House of Windsor needs the scandal struck prince like it needs a whole in the head. He diverts attention from their charitable ‘work’.

Because the prince is short on grey matter he really appears to think he is superhuman. The Maitliss interview was calamitous for several reasons. There is the obvious salacious content and his failure to effectually rebut the allegations against him. But apart from that he came across as the stereotypical upper class twit. They say that royalty should not let too much daylight in on the magic. He has shattered the mystique of royalty. Royalty should be seen and not heard. In a long interview a prince or princess appears to be disappointingly mediocre. His incomprehension of ordinary life was manifest in a gratingly ignorant comment ‘it was a perfectly straightforward shooting weekend.’ Most people have never been on a shooting weekend in their lives.

The interview was a farrago of provable lies and half-truths. His imbecility and feebleness were laid bare. He has now ruined his credibility by being caught trying to hoodwink the public. Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we venture to deceive. He shall not be given the benefit of the doubt.

The prince’s judgement is so poor that after his catastrophic interview with the BBC he thought he had got the ball in the back of the net.

Even if Prince Andrew did not rape or sexually abuse anyone coitus with a 17 year old would be regarded as moral turpitude by many.

The Duke of York is known to be very keen on massages. He likes two women to work on him at once.

The best case scenario is that the prince was such a dimwit that he did not realise that these comely girls were strong armed into it and paid by his sleazy banker chum. Is he that much of a naif? It is hard to present a 60 year old naval officer as that much of a babe in the woods. The prince is known to be crass and loose with his language using expression such as ‘the nigger in the woodpile’ in the presence of persons of colour. He has also been accused of voicing bigotry against Ishmaelites.  Was this just salty serviceman’s slang? It is the sort of argot one picks up on the quarterdeck. As HRH was so scathing about other races why was he so pussyfooted when describing Epstein’s felony as ‘unbecoming conduct’?

The consensus among the duke’s friends is that he never says no to sex. His libido appears to be his ruination.

Curiously the prince was made chancellor of some universities despite never having been near a university himself. Such deference towards the scholastically subnormal is one of the least obliging of British academic characteristics.

For nigh on 20 years the prince was a roving ambassador for British trade. The body that he represents is called UK Trade and Investment (UKTI). Part of the rationale was that only a royal could speak to a royal on an equal footing. However, the way the prince performed his duties was not solely with a view to enriching the British people. He was always on the make and on the take. Being a shrewd judge of character should surely be a prerequisite for such a sensitive role.

One of the advantages of being royal is a person is supposedly not awestruck by titles, wealth and power. But it is not so with the prince. HRH is easily impressed by such attributes.

Quite apart from the unpalatable allegations of sexual misconduct the prince has often behaved unconscionably. He was paid £3 million more than the asking price for his house. A Kazakh kleptocrat paid this.

The US Government has allegations dating back to 2010 at least that the Duke of York was trying to broker corrupt arms deals with Saudi Arabia. Was this entirely disinterested?  HRH is not one to say no to a million or two. Or perhaps he preferred his payment in ‘services’?

You can tell a lot about a man by the company he chooses. Prince Andrew was a dear friend of Saif Al Gaddafi. The Libyan tyrant’s son was responsible for violent oppression himself. He had also been an outspoken advocate of terrorism against British forces when the prince was in the Royal Navy. Reconciliation is admirable but this man was unrepentant.

The prince is also a friend of Tarek Kaituni. He is a Libyan convicted of arms smuggling. How low can the prince go? His mother is meant to be the fountain of honour.

HRH has repeatedly helped to sell weapons to some of the most tyrannical regimes on earth. Admittedly this is not entirely his fault. He was given the duty of earning as much money for the UK as possible and in this regard he has at least performed decently.

The Duke of York was very pally with the dictator of Azerbaijan. The duke is so often close to the thief in chief.

As the duke visited Azerbaijan over a dozen times and spent months in Kazakhstan he may have laid himself open to blackmail. Is it not possible that overly pliant ladies approached him? If they welcomed him with open thighs we know that the prince is too gallant to decline. These former Soviet republics are just the sort of place to engage in compromat. I would be astounded if they had not secretly filmed his shenanigans with ladies of easy virtue. The prince is as of easy virtue as they come. It would never cross his mind that he might be walking into a bear trap.

The prince has often been an advocate for the arms trade. You might say it is up to the UK Government to allow the arms trade or to ban it. Politicians sign the export certificates and the prince does not. As the arms trade is legal it was his job to get as much business as possible for the UK.

Correspondence between the prince and a Kazakh businessman was leaked in which the prince requested a bribe of several million dollars to catalyse a deal. Timur Kulibayev was his correspondent. Kulibayev is married to the daughter of the former President of Kazakhstan. Mr Kulibayev is the one who bought the prince’s house for £3 million above the official price. Was there a murkier explanation for this uncharacteristic liberality? Kulibayev never moved into the house or rented it out.

The prince also tried to arrange a deal with Kenges Rakishev. The prince wanted a mere £ 4 million for this. What a patriot he is tirelessly working as a trade envoy. Emails about this deal were leaked. Buckingham Palace at first insisted that the email was a hoax. Then the story changed. The Palace subsequently insisted that publishing the email was a breach of privacy. They thereby unwittingly confirmed the authenticity of the email.

A commoner would not be able to do a tenth of what HRH has done and stay out of prison. Noblesse oblige means that the privileged are supposed to behave better than the average Joe. But the prince thinks he is literally privileged. He is not much of a Latinist but he appears to believe that he has privi leges: private laws.

You might think that the US would resile from seeking the prince’s refoulement on the basis that it would have a deleterious effect on relations with a close ally. However, he is such damaged goods in Britain that few would defend him. Even his family consider him unworthy of the name of Windsor.

The FBI may reason that mounting public outrage will push the prince to surrender himself to American justice. That is why they might be refusing private offers of interviews and lying about it. This is mere conjecture. But their stratagem could be to seek maximum publicity to flush him out of his lair.

An opinion poll showed that the majority of the British public would like to see the prince divested of all his titles and honours. He has brought discredit on the Royal Navy. Any other officers in the senior service would have been cashiered for such behaviour as he has engaged in.

If the prince ends up in the United States through extradition or voluntarily then he will almost certainly stand trial. No lawyer I have spoken to is sanguine about his chances in an American court. The sight of the prince in an orange jump suit in the dock might give the queen a heart attack. The prince would be able to hire the finest legal minds in the world. But even these legal eagles might not be able to save him. He would likely be found guilty. It is said there is video evidence and there are numerous witnesses willing to testify against him. Even his boon companion Ghislaine might turn on him. She wants to save her own skin. The prince might accept a plea bargain. Even that would surely result in at least a couple of years of free accommodation. He usually accepts such hospitality with alacrity.

HRH could be as innocent as a lamb. But I would not bet on it.

Prince Andrew has tarnished the House of Windsor. The family name has been dragged through the mire. It is galling that he has brought his family into disrepute. He has spent his whole life shamelessly exploiting his royal status for personal enrichment.

In the unlikely scenario that the prince remains a free man it is hard to see how someone who is so morally suboptimal can ever have a public role. In his imbecilic arrogance he still believes that he can be the comeback kid.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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Aleksandar Sarovic
July 15, 2020

This question is of utmost importance for humankind. Now I would not be able to sleep.

Olivia Kroth
Reply to  Aleksandar Sarovic
July 16, 2020

People worry about different things, Aleksandar. To each his own.

July 15, 2020

“Is it likely that a 40 something would forget having sex with a 17 year old?” Age of consent is 16 in the UK. So yes, if he had a few encounters of that age, which in the UK would have been perfectly legal, he would have forgotten. Do you remember every sexual encounter, George? The answer is no. Unless you are a rare saint of our time with an uncanny tendency towards chastity. Andrew was relatively recently divorced back then and was probably living it up. Age also probably never came up. Many a 17 year old actually wishes… Read more »

Olivia Kroth
Reply to  Clarity
July 16, 2020

“No parents present.” That – to me – is the key point. Why are there no parents present when underage girls romp about at night at wild parties? Where are the parents? Do these children have no parents? This is a fundamentally ailing society, when parents are either not willing or not able to protect their children, or if these children have no parents at all. To put all the blame on Prince Andrew and other pedophile men is too simple. I think men are natural predators. Children should be protected from them. Or would you throw a child in… Read more »

Olivia Kroth
Reply to  Olivia Kroth
July 16, 2020

And may I add that some grown men are fathers, who abuse their own children sexually. This is a taboo that does not get much attention in public, it is not discussed in the media a lot. If all grown men who abuse children, be it their own or other people’s children, were sent to prison, the prisons worldwide would be overflowing with sexually abusive predators.

Smoking Eagle
Smoking Eagle
Reply to  Olivia Kroth
July 25, 2020

Some are grandfathers and uncles too. I met a social worker who was working on sexual abuse problems in a high school. He said he had found that four out of five of the students (girls and boys) in the school had been sexually abused, the majority by family members. Sick.

July 15, 2020

Nothing out of the ordinary with Randy Andy.
Just an everyday story of Royal Folk.
Her Maj had an affair with her racehorse trainer.
Phil The Greek was The Man In The Mask at the Profumo sex parties.
Charlie Boy and Di were at it like rabbits with everybody(except each other.)
Anne’s children were fathered by her police bodyguard.

July 16, 2020

The author makes it a forgone conclusion the Andew is going to be extradited. But the US does not necessarily reciprocate. So why would the UK send Andrew to the US, in which he would be the subject of a show trial, damaging the UK national interest, the monarchy? In any case, if he was extradited, it would show the level to which the UK has become the US’ lapdog.

Smoking Eagle
Smoking Eagle
Reply to  JoBlo
July 25, 2020

Really, why should Prince Andrew be extradited to the US when the US has refused to allow Anne Sacoolas to be extradited to the UK after she killed British teenager Harry Dunn last year? Scaoolas is the wife of a US diplomat charged in Britain with causing death by dangerous driving in the case of Harry Dunn. She admitted to driving on the wrong side of the road when she collided with and killed the 19-year-old, but she claimed immunity and fled to the U.S. shortly after the incident, despite telling police she had no plans to leave the U.K.… Read more »

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