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Wildfires burn the West, destroying homes and darkening skies (PHOTOS)

Wildfires are a common occurrence in the Western United States, whose erratic rainy years and drought years are also consistent in their inconsistency. This year, the fires are making news because of their proximity to heavily populated areas, as well as simply because of their size.

At this time about sixty fires are burning across several American states:

  • nine in New Mexico
  • six in Utah
  • six in California
  • six in Colorado
  • nineteen in Alaska
  • one in Florida
  • two in Nevada
  • four in Oregon
  • four in Texas
  • One each in Washington and Wyoming.

The year to-date statistics show that the acreage burned is somewhat higher than the ten-year mean, with 2,673,183 acres burned since the beginning of the calendar year 2018. That translates to about 4,176 square miles, or an area about half the size of New Jersey.

Most of the fires are caused by natural events such as lightning from “dry storms.” However, sometimes they are caused by human activity.

For the people in the affected areas, the losses are heartbreaking. Colorado sources report about 104 to 109 homes destroyed in the area between Fort Garland and Cuchara. This is some of the most beautiful land in the state.

Earlier in the spring the area looked like this:

View towards Cuchara, Colorado, USA and the Spanish Peaks / Highway of Legends region

Now, though, it looks something like this:

The Spring Fire in Colorado alone has now consumed over 94,125 acres on two fronts since it started burning on June 30, and it is now already the third largest wildfire in Colorado state history.

In San Francisco, the skies were darkened by smoke pushing over the Bay area from fires burning in Yolo and Napa counties.

Presently about 13,000 firefighters are working all across the affected areas fighting the wildfires. Also, changing weather is on the way for people in Texas, Colorado and New Mexico as cooler and more moist air, and the chance of rain enter the forecasts starting Wednesday evening, local time.

Many plans for fireworks displays across Western cities have been canceled, quite understandably, and in all parts of the dry West, vacationers and tourists are encouraged to be extremely careful not to start any new fires.

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regolo gellini
regolo gellini
September 5, 2018

So now, more americans know what it is like to live in a country at war .

September 5, 2018

Behind the fires there is drought. Behind the drought is weather manipulation – weather warfare on America. I am not sure who ‘they’ are but they have the technology and it is turned against America and likely Syria. Tom Bearden gives some history to the Soviet acquisition but that does not ensure that they are doing the weather modification along USA WEst coast. See this rather long history:

US Senators meet with Sergey Lavrov in Moscow

Europe to go it alone in trade war with US