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George Soros pouring MILLIONS of dollars into California elections

Persistent globalist George Soros seeks to increase criminality a state already severely weakened by excessively burdensome liberal attitudes and policies

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

Fox News reported on Friday May 25 that former Hungarian billionaire and (now) US citizen George Soros is spending many millions of dollars to bolster extremely liberal candidates in California’s upcoming District Attorney elections. There are 56 DA positions in play for the June 5th election.

Fox reported that Soros and other wealthy liberal donors are supporting the election of prosecutors who would favor a lower incarceration rate, crackdowns on police misconduct and changes in a bail system that has been held by these donors and other activists to discriminate against the poor.

A piece run in the Los Angeles Times reports: 

Many of the players funding liberal candidates joined forces in California four years ago to pass Proposition 47, which turned drug use and most theft convictions from felonies to misdemeanors. In funding local D.A. campaigns, activists hope to secure many of the sentencing and bail policies they have struggled to realize through laws or ballot initiatives.

While California is often heralded by conservative Americans as “the land of fruits and nuts” because of its reputation for extremely liberal policies, this is not exactly true of the whole state. San Diego, Sacramento, the San Joaquin Valley and other parts of the state are actually quite conservative. In fact the ideological divide between conservatives in these regions and the entrenched super left leaning liberals in Los Angeles running up to San Francisco is so wide that there have been considerable proposals to split the state into two or three smaller politically aligned states.

It would appear that Soros and his friends are taking a different strategy. By targeting races even in conservative sections, the billionaire hopes to continue to nudge the overall state policy towards an extremely questionable alignment.

Opinions to the contrary, however, are sure and strong on this matter:

These people who want to create their own social policy are not worthy of the office,” former Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley told the [Los Angeles Times]. “If they win in San Diego or Sacramento, L.A. is next.”

And the Fox article gives compelling examples of the details of this effort:

In San Diego County, a deputy public defender is being financially backed after fighting to keep the accused out of jail. In Sacramento and Alameda counties, candidates are challenging the incumbents. In Contra Costa County, a district attorney earned the support of the consortium of wealthy donors and liberal groups.

Five more candidates in Marin, Riverside, San Bernardino, Stanislaus and Yolo counties are also getting donations, albeit much smaller ones, from some liberal donors.

Noah Phillips, who’s running in Sacramento County, attacked his opponent, who happens to be his boss as well, for failing to ever charge a police officer who shot a civilian. He admitted Soros’ team scripted and paid for his ad on television, while his fundraising efforts were improved following the help from Cari Tuna, senior adviser to Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

Interestingly enough, it is not only conservatives who are under fire from Soros’ assault. In Alameda County, which covers the East San Francisco Bay communities of Oakland, Berkeley, San Leandro, Hayward, Pleasanton and Livermore, is hardly a bastion of conservatism. Berkeley is known for having one of the most liberal university campuses in the nation, and the whole area has been under Democrat control for a long time. But even the incumbent District Attorney there, Nancy O’Malley, a registered Democrat and endorsed by Kamala Harris and other organized labor and Democrat groups, is actually under fire from Soros – because she is not far enough to the left. 

A map showing the location of Alameda County, California.

The attacks are subtle and well-crafted. In O’Malley’s case, her opponent, Soros-financed Pamela Price, a civil rights attorney, has leveled the accusation that O’Malley is “racist” because of her implementation of “stop and frisk” policies. Price promises to end such policies, and has taken O’Malley to task for being supported by law enforcement groups in the area.

While the charge of racism seems to send fear and trembling when cast across the media airwaves as often happens in an election season, one also should consider the state of things in this county. The crime rate in Oakland and Berkeley is extraordinarily high. Businesses have to be so careful to protect themselves against robbery that a common feature for drive-through restaurant windows is a barrier composed of two 1″ thick sheets of clear acrylic, strong enough to stop almost any sort of bullets. This is in Berkeley, which is heralded as such great place for liberals to be. But it is echoed in Oakland, which possesses areas which are not safe for a white person to walk even during broad daylight on a sunny day. There is a great deal of racism already in play, and much of it is that which is perpetrated by criminals, not by police officers.

Soros is apparently betting that public awareness is not clear about things like this. And it is interesting that his push for extremely hard-left policy in an already hard-left state is taking place like it is. To that end, estimates show that he has put over US $3 million this past week alone into propping up the candidates of his choice. The permeable contribution laws in the area easily allow him to break the $800 personal contribution limits.

This behavior by Soros and other liberals, to push extremely far to the left, has been viewed by some as a good sign for the conservatives, or GOP candidates, under the notion that these candidates are simply so far to the left that they cannot be held to be reasonable. The argument is predicated on the idea that most Americans are rather conservative people and that they will simply reject such options.

However, the true status is actually not so clear. California, Colorado, Washington State and some other places are indeed very large population centers of people that were once ideologically pretty closely tied to common sense at least, if not to any particular political party. But now, all three of these states witness rampantly increasing crime, drug use and an increasingly burdensome tax and financial policy set from their respective governments.

It would seem that the liberal assault is far from unsuccessful, and that stopping it is not something that will happen as an instinctive “knee jerk reaction to insanity.” This activity in California may well be seen as a test for the upcoming 2018 November Congressional midterms, to see how successful hard-left candidates can actually be.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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