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Widespread arrests & dozens injured | Moscow pro-Navalny protest gets violent

This looks awfully familiar right down to the horns and painted face fearless leader getting arrested – except this is in Russia. Hmmmmm….

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David Robertson
David Robertson
January 24, 2021

There seemed to be more police than protesters. The video was edited to give an impression of wholesale violence but an overview may have painted a different picture.

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Helga I. Fellay
Helga I. Fellay
Reply to  David Robertson
January 24, 2021

I find this article very fishy. I googled the source, which seems even more fishy: it’s by It’s an odd organization, apparently focused on Afghanistan at the time the US drove the Soviets out of there, and seems to be in full support of the US takeover of that country. I have neither the time nor the inclination to delve deeper into that outfit, but now, more than before, I don’t think that video is genuine, and certainly does not convince me that the exposed traitor Navalny, who never had any popular support in Russia, would suddenly become so… Read more »

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