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Why Prince Andrew Should Not Speak To The FBI

The arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell this week has led to a media feeding frenzy and calls for Prince Andrew to talk to the FBI, including from the lead lawyer prosecuting the case, Audrey Strauss of the Southern District, New York. He should not. The answer to the question why not is two words: Michael Flynn. Or alternatively George Papadopoulos.

In this short video, Alan Dershowitz explains how the FBI can and do trash the lives of innocent people, in this particular case because they were working to a political agenda. We know now that General Flynn didn’t actually lie, and even if he had, or more likely had misremembered, the error was trivial and his questioners knew the answer anyway. They were simply setting what is known as a perjury trap.

Since the outrage over the murder of George Floyd, the American authorities up to and including the President himself appear to be intent on bringing about much needed reforms to law enforcement. There has to date been little or no talk about bringing the FBI to heel as well as the police, so a good start would be to reform their archaic note taking system.

Would the FBI attempt to treat Prince Andrew the same way they did General Flynn? Who knows? What we do know however is that no credible allegations of criminality have been made against Prince Andrew, his real crime appears to have been to show misguided loyalty to a friend he believed had been charged simply with soliciting prostitution. Although the law is complicated, generally it isn’t illegal in the UK for a man to pay a prostitute or for a woman to work as one.

Prince Andrew’s sole accuser is Virginia Roberts who claims to have been forced to have sex with him when she was seventeen. The same way she was forced to fly to London, forced to rub shoulders with the rich and famous in an exclusive nightclub, and forced to be paid handsomely for doing so. Yeah, right. In any case, the age of consent in England is sixteen, not eighteen as in her native Florida, so the child sexual abuse angle doesn’t play here either.

As Alan Dershowitz has pointed out, Roberts/Giuffre has made outrageous and demonstrably false allegations against many people, which begs the question why is the media continuing to fail to call her out, and why was she paid $160,000 for her tissue of lies in the first place?

In addition to Audrey Strauss, two other lawyers have called on Prince Andrew to talk to the FBI: Gloria Allred and her daughter Lisa Bloom. Allred is responsible for the witch-hunt and false conviction of Bill Cosby, while Bloom has supported the false accusers of a number of celebrities, including Donald Trump.

Ghislaine Maxwell has already been tried and convicted in the media – par for the course for such high profile cases in the United States – but the real villain of the piece remains the deceased Jeffrey Epstein. And those who facilitated him. It is quite likely that if and when their identities are revealed, none of these people will be household names, certainly not the fun-loving Prince Andrew.

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July 4, 2020

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