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Who controls the British Government response to Covid–19?

As Britain hurtles headlong towards neo-feudalist governance with heightened surveillance, micro-management of society and an uptick in fascistic policing of the draconian measures imposed to combat the “threat” of Covid–19, it is perhaps time to analyse the real forces behind this “new normal”.

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May 13, 2020

would like if you guys did a similar discussion about Greece , would be helpful to get your take on the current situation , half english and currently in athens .. elpizw na sas akousw 🙂

May 15, 2020

Ah, the nepotism whose name we dare not speak; Jewish nepotism.
This Plandemic is run on it. You cannot throw a stone without hitting a tribesperson.
Not in France, member-in-waiting for the totally infiltrated, august Five Eyes + Israel entity, nor anywhere in the ‘West’. Not even in Israel.

miss tanya yakus
miss tanya yakus
May 22, 2020

Boris Johnson couldn’t run a tap! He ran off after the Brexit vote was in and then ran off again, this time faking an illness, before coming back a script not of his own writing.

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