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What’s the impact of Japan dumping radioactive water into the sea?



The Japanese government officially decided to discharge the Fukushima nuclear polluted water into the sea on April 13. This move not only caused dissatisfaction and doubts among Japanese citizens, but in its neighboring countries such as China and South Korea. They pointed out that Japan’s decision is extremely irresponsible and will seriously damage international public health safety and the interests of people in its neighboring countries. Why did Japan make this decision? What would be the impact?

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April 20, 2021

Best option is to simply dump it all on Israel. It might have the positive effect of dampening their paranoia in seeing everything as a threat.

April 20, 2021
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Shows the utter worthlessness on the United Nations, which have ignored the
whole situation for 6+ years… YET, they desire all the money on earth for their regime to do as they please forever. Another human worthlessness…

April 21, 2021

Only GE would build a reactor with the cooling pond 10 stories up and the Emergency Generators below sea level and in an Earth Quake Zone. But only politicians would want part of the Summer Games played right next to this site that is still a very HOT ZONE, and remember they have located only one of the 3 reactors cores. Take a real good look at the explosion because it was worse then Chernobyl, and people with Giger counters in flight measured dangerously high Radiation, and the crew of the USS Ronald Ragin got Radiation pensioning and had to… Read more »

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