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What If Donald Trump Were Accused Of Colluding With…

Although the ludicrous claim that Donald Trump somehow colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election (and give Hillary Clinton the popular vote) has been thoroughly debunked, the same liars and lunatics are back with essentially the same story attempting to gaslight the American people and the world again.  Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, Nick Allen pointed out that in a members only event at the Oxford Union, Christopher Steele said he stood by the integrity of “our work”.

The reality is that Steele had not visited Russia for a decade when he put together his now infamous dossier, that’s if he was the sole, co, or indeed any author, because as Dan Bongino has pointed out, essentially the same smear was used against John McCain during Obama’s first election bid, and has simply been tailored to fit Trump.

Leaving that aside, no end of politicians and commentators continue to attack Trump with claims of Russian collusion without specifying exactly what this collusion might be, apart from a few on-line advertisements that draw little if any attention from people in positions of influence, the electorate, or anyone else. Anytime Trump or any leading Republican speaks to a Russian, the word collusion is thrown around.

Some time ago, Vladimir Putin himself commented amusingly on this nonsense saying the only thing with which he could compare it is anti-Semitism. Now there’s an idea, after all, Donald Trump has far more contact with Jews than with Russians. Let’s see what we can make of this.

Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka is married to Jared Kushner, who is an Orthodox Jew. Two of his lawyers are also Jews: the rather obviously named Michael Cohen – who is currently in prison – and Jay Sekulow.  Although he didn’t need it, Trump also received a substantial donation from Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson for his 2016 campaign. Trump’s support of Israel is also both uncritical and undisguised.

Some of Trump’s major detractors are also Jews, including the most rabid, Adam Schiff, but wait, Schiff is so far off the planet, perhaps he is working for Russia too, or Trump, or both, or perhaps Trump and Vladimir Putin are also Jewish puppets? Could it be that Adam Schiff is managed opposition, that he only appears crazy? This thesis could be expanded to take in every Jewish business person, lawyer, and politician in America. At times the crazies have done this, ignoring the much simpler explanation that some Jews like Trump, others hate him, and probably the vast majority like the vast majority of Gentile Americans have more important priorities. As the man said: It’s the economy, stupid.

Also, the problem with this sort of twisted logic is that there is no debating with it. Anyone who dared to raise these kind of arguments in the mainstream media would soon find himself out of a job. Which begs the question, why does the media tolerate, excuse and even promote this Russophobic nonsense with far less justification, and when will those in a position to, put a stop to it?

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