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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Crowdstrike and Their PR Firm Now Distance Themselves from Russia’s Link to Wikileaks — HUGE DEVELOPMENT

For more than three years of the mainstream media (MSM) promoted the biggest fraud in US history – that the Russians hacked the DNC’s emails and gave the emails they hacked to WikiLeaks who then leaked the emails before the 2016 election. Now, suddenly the firm at the center of this fraud, Crowdstrike, is taking …

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HoneyPot Heaven
HoneyPot Heaven
March 9, 2020

Funny thing happened on the way to the forum today: While searching on ‘TASS’, I inadvertently clicked the first link on the search page and initiated (& suspended) an automatic download of some rather strange DOD app that I’d not seen pop up before. What a strange name (Trusted Associate Sponsorship System ( TASS)) Not to be one for conspiracy theories but how convenient it would be for the DOD to compile a list of inadvertent .ru source downloads and parade them for Congress as ‘proof’ of ongoing hack attempts to DOD servers. ‘Proof’ even a Congressperson could understand. Strange?… Read more »

What If Donald Trump Were Accused Of Colluding With…

MI6 helps Trump with Clinton/Obama Emails.