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MI6 helps Trump with Clinton/Obama Emails.

Further evidence showing that the end game for these coup plotters is being prepared for by President Trump before they’re able to ignite a global war or economic catastrophe, this report concludes, is the shocking about face just performed by Crowdstrike—the Hillary Clinton funded computer company that started the Trump-Russia collusion hoax when they lyingly claimed that Democrat Party email servers were hacked by Russia, who then gave these emails to Wikileaks in order to aid the election of Trump—computer email servers Crowdstrike never allowed the FBI to examine, but gave them a “report” on—with this week now seeing Crowdstrike saying that they NEVER told the FBI that Russia hacked these emails at all

A shock announcement being met by American experts asking the obvious question: “So if Crowdstrike now claims they didn’t confirm that Russians gave emails to Wikileaks, then who the hell did?”—

the answer to which doesn’t want to be given by former MI6 British spy Christopher Steele whom Clinton paid millions-of-dollars to create the hoax Trump-Russia Dossier

and who is now declaring that he won’t cooperate with Trump coup plot investigating prosecutor US Attorney John Durham—an ill fated move, however, when viewed in the context of US Attorney Durham now examining “an index of the messages compiled by an unnamed foreign ally that include emails from President Barack Obama as well as members of the US Congress about the planned coup plot against Trump”—

Most particularly because this “unnamed foreign ally” is, beyond all doubt, Steele’s own British government, and his former MI6 employers—both of whom are solidly pro-Trump since they split from the EU last month—and need America much more than they ever needed this washed up Clinton-colluding corrupt spy.

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Pox Americana
Pox Americana
March 8, 2020

First impressions are always the lasting ones. Damage is done now and was the clear intent of its perpetrators. The entire jury pool called the American public has been tainted beyond rehabilitation.

America will be paying for this shit for a generation, at least.

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