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West’s Triple Cross 2

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[NB Part one appears here]

Prima facie US State’s foreign policy insanity appears not just weird but absurd too:

  1. Impact German/European future energy supplies.
  2. Cutoff Russia from world trade; a declaration of war by Washington.
  3. Abandon the Ukraine to the dogs of war.

But recall that Washington lost its sanity long ago, and there is a devil in the details. Years ago Beltway paymasters/contractors decided a strategy to challenge Russia’s supply of natural gas to Europe, in the interest of expanding the US Liquified Natural Gas industry, which the US dominates. That privileged posture, where the US may unjustly leverage brute force at will to maintain hegemony and enforce its cartel, is at the heart of this problem.

The US vowed to stop Nord Stream 2 at any and all cost, and Washington’s failure to negotiate or compromise over Nord Stream 2 (not to mention demands for indivisible European security) arguably led to this debacle. Ironically, that foretells how Russia will weather this storm. China, India, Iran, Brazil and most NAM sovereigns will expand trade with Russia, importing especially as the ruble trades lower. Such trade will be difficult at first (addressed later) and the Beltway’s Evil Empire will do its utmost to impact it. But such trade will occur/expand regardless, between non-aligned nations and the Sino-Russ pact.

But why would Washington consider China to be expendable when much US import trade is with China? Perhaps State Capture to such degree as the Imperial United States is captured, is simply unfathomable. Now China leadership knows it must enable and enforce this Russ-Sino pact, because if not, China is next in line to experience Washington’s aggression.  Thus America is completely detached from the global reality.

A greater point, the former United States has taken a massive gamble here, based on a new Cold War versus Russia; and that’s a far different proposition than Washington’s failed state ventures in Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Palestine, Lebanon, etc. Washington’s appetite for risk* has always risked the lives of others…  for hegemony, and in places that few Americans can name or locate on a map.

Overall, the regime in DC risks economic viability, financial safety, resource security, and even risks the lives of its own people for hubris: put at risk by the failed policies of obsessed ideologues who litter the dark halls of US State, and the CIA, plus the infinitely corrupt Security State. Briefly, America’s Captured corporate State has gambled all its chips, on the roulette black number of sanctions… sanctions which have failed versus all sovereigns Washington has ever attempted to overthrow.

Despite its military might and MMT phony dollars, Washington’s sanctions are a dismal failure. The paper tigers of US State know it, making this fiasco all the more puzzling. It’s as if the zombies who populate State know they are doomed to their own private self-induced hell going forward. Or as if western Elites hoped to deliberately crash their own system:  Link:   

Washington has gambled big to maintain its hegemony, which may or may not fail.  Much of that relates to how Russia will fare, in its Sino pact, since a neutral and neutered Ukraine is (almost) a done deal.  Cue aside the Ukraine — as the Illuminati of the Collective West have already done — to explore monetary reality.  Russia has already ditched US payment systems by adopting UnionPay, almost overnight.   SPFS and CEPS systems are up and running; for Russia, SWIFT and the Nazi’s in Brussels are history now.  A bit of western agitprop too relates to hundreds of Russia’s billions supposedly stranded.  Not true.

Where Washington sees only perverse delusion of aggression and greed, Brazil, Iran, China, India, Venezuela – perhaps Turkey – and the non-aligned world, see opportunity for a future alignment free of US dollar domination. That’s almost ½ of the globe. Such non-aligned trading opportunity will be challenged by Washington, but likely fail. To restrict at least 30% of world trade to suit the current hegemonic is too much, even for the arrogant Beltway psychotics who demand it.

Biggest issue for Russian planners being the foreign exchange (FX) market where Russia is unable to fully defend the ruble, due to exclusion from western central bank FX trading..  with emphasis on “fully”.   China will no doubt assist in supporting the ruble and Washington has already whined about that. Unfortunately for the US regime, the lower the ruble goes the more attractive Russia’s exports are to those who need them. Above all, is a new global structure which circumvents Washington’s weaponization of the $ entirely. And that is, perhaps the most positive and ambitious news of this entire affair, to end the infernal global rule of Washington’s infernal warfare state.

In response, the collective West has just excluded Russia from the western gold cartel, a tightly wrapped crooked market run by the US Federal government and banks, European/Swiss banks and their crooked Elites (for many decades).  The gold cartel consists of Fed dealers, and an alphabet soup of market scammers; namely the CME, LBMA, BIS, ESF, and IMF. It’s a dirty BIG secret even Dubai is well in on.

Now Russia was just expelled from a key London gold cartel player, the LBMA:   Posing the most interesting scenario of all, re a potential split within of the little-known but infinitely important sovereign gold carry trade, a gold trade which underlies the most important guarantees between sovereigns.

Some monetary realists believe a partially backed gold fiat may resurrect monetary checks and balances that once existed to (hopefully) prevent an Empire from establishing global domination. Yuan/ruble speculation on a partially resource backed currency has existed for many years, similar to the partially backed Swiss franc predecessor (ended year 2001) to the present full fiat CHF. The promise that a monetary system based on a real resource might end the monetary fantasy and debt corruption that the collective west stands for.**  Point being that failure of the LBMA/BIS/CME gold cartel will certainly count the days until $ doom — and very quickly — which is why gold has been suppressed by Washington and Wall Street banks since August 15th, 1971.

Russia, China, and all nations opposed to US State hegemony, will of course come under increasing pressure as Washington’s abject stupidity manifests regarding the unravelling of the global monetary system.  Resource denial; cartel wars; competition for dominance in a fractured world long subverted by warfare, greed, and fiat debt duplicity is the New New World Order. Difficult and messy as this will be, we also see an opportunity to turn the tide on Washington’s arrogance and hubris.  Pax Americana is known for its vile arrogance, for its amorality and immorality; its militarism, and the perverse, depraved vision the collective Totalitarian west has presented to the world for decades now. That must end.  In the big picture, perhaps this is the beginning of that end?

*Well-reflected in the useless mega-valued bullshit companies pushed by Wall Street 

** Presently crypto is not an option for large central banks; its usage as currency is minimal, impractical, expensive, slow, and ultimately it’s a fiat derivative (for another time) with many failings as practical currency.    



The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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