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We love a three-class society. We love to either lead, supervise or labor.

My love for the truth is insatiable, which means that my 80 years of life has given me wisdom that is astronomical.  And so, for an absolute you must leave a comment if your perception of truth is different or your wisdom exceeds mine in this, that or the other.

For starters, an IQ test is worthless in discovering your love for a class.  For talents, intelligence, character traits and ambitions take an infinity of forms and each human being requires a unique mind, character and personality to self-actualize, to be all they can be.

Dependent upon our talents and affections, we desire to either be on top of society, be the bottom of society or be middle-class and bond together all of society.

For the 25% of society most creative, administrative, investing, new venture making and intellectual property designing, they end up doing the leading, guiding and politics ruling.

The 25% of society most in love with teaching, supervising, carpentering, technician tinkering, policing, truck driving and pastoring, they end up being the coordinating and unifying element that supplies all the positive and negative feedback in a closed-loop control system called society.

The 50% laboring-class in society, a most passionate affection do they have for manual drudgery, for they gain pleasure astronomical in knowing that no achievement could ever equal the productivity derived by hard manual labor creating into existence all of the goods and services essential for man to survive and to live, move and have our being.  And if you hate education with a passion, greatly loving instead to be nail pounding and shovel digging, than best for you is muscle flexing.

So, in the grand scheme of things, our three-class society must go through three stages of development, namely capitalism, socialism and the ultimate perfection that will make all current forms of government most hated and detested.  For the destiny of society shall be a cashless economy where everything is free and in the heights of glory, we go where no man has gone before.  So read on.

We are now experiencing the disaster of all disasters and unlike any enigma in all of world history, a hybrid economy called capitalist-socialism.  A hybrid government that is using capitalism to force all the wealth to flow up, while at the same time by Covid 19 using socialism to try the impossible: To make a profit for the rich in overcoming a deadly plague by giving public charity to an unemployed, sick and dying population.

Problem is, capitalism enables the ruling-class and middle-class to hoard all the land, wealth and political power, thereby turning the laboring-class into the 50% working-poor.

On the other hand, socialism forces the upper-half of society, against their will, to give public charity to the laboring-class.  An enigma that totally destroys the three-class form of society. For it causes the upper-half to hate the laboring-class, causes the laboring-class to be most ingrate and in Soviet Russia, in less than 70 years all of the economy expired in a convulsion.

Comes now a realization that neither capitalism nor socialism will get the job done in a three-class closed-loop society, a fellowship that can only function by comradery free of all force.  For social perfection can be achieved only when compassion motivates charity and in a way that best produces a grateful response.

Social perfection being a desire to own only enough for a comfortable life and to donate excessive profit, income and property toward the benefit of others.  A no-wealth society, a non-profit economy, a no-force government and with everything free, surely self-actualization on steroids.

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August 5, 2020


On a finite planet, too much of anything (including humans) leads to disaster.

August 7, 2020

John, it is clear from this article that you lack any experience with labor. Much of labor is paid rather well. Ever needed to hire a plumber or electrician? Ever needed someone operating modern machinery? Like a CNC machine. Or needed a dust fairy? If you don’t know what that is then that is a manifestation of that lack of knowledge. I have some friends who make a rather grand living being all variations of dust fairies, some eventually going from a business of one to hiring others to work with them, and eventually to just work for them. Lots… Read more »

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