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Watch MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell explain exactly what happened in Syria: PUTIN DID IT!

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell has shown that for some, the ‘Putin controls Trump’ line still is being pushed. Not only was there never any evidence for this, but now Donald Trump has used the American military to bomb the air base of a Russian partner and ally in the war against terrorism.

But according to O’Donnell (no relation to Rosie), something much more conspiratorial is going on.

O’Donnell said that Putin launched the chemical weapons attack in question in order to provoke Trump into an armed response that Putin somehow knew would be materially of little consequence in order to deflect attention away from Russiagate.

He the summarised his views using the most conspiratorial language possible, just in case anyone thought he was still being remotely logical. He stated,

“President Trump has finally dared to do something Vladimir Putin doesn’t like. It changes everything… as long as you never question whether Vladimir Putin wanted all of this to happen”.

At least he was honest enough to admit that his wild conspiracy theory has no evidence to support it,

“Don’t you miss those days that if there was a chemical attack in Syria you could be absolutely sure that President Assad and President Putin did not do that in order to help the image of the President of the United States? ‘What you won’t hear is proof that the scenario I’ve just outlined is impossible because what the presidency of Donald Trump has shown is that anything is possible”.

He later summed up hos bizarre views in a Tweet,

So just to recap: in the mind of Lawrence o’Donnell, Putin organised the chemical weapons attack, Putin wanted Trump to respond by attacking Syria, Putin KNEW Trump would respond by attacking Syria, he knew Trump’s attack would be exactly how it turned out to be and Putin would be happy that Trump had bombed an ally, ruined Russian relations with America for the foreseeable future and possibly got the wheels in motion of a war with Russia.

Ok, Lawrence, what ever you say…..

Now watch (if you can bear it), Lawrence O’Donnell’s Last Word to hear just how far he went with his nonsense theories

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