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Alex Jones goes BALLISTIC over Syria strikes, says Deep State blackmailed Trump after FBI raid on lawyer Cohen

Donald Trump’s total sell out to the interventionist Neocons on Syria caused the radio host to question if raids on Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen are connected

Popular shock jock Alex Jones is definitely off the Trump train.

In a profanity-laden outburst which was apparently streamed live over the internet, Jones castigated Trump and his Neocon Globalist-dominated cabinet for military strikes launched against the Syrian government on the night of April 13th-14th.

In the video, Jones can be seen decrying the US betrayal of Bashar al-Assad’s government, who alongside Russian and Iranian allies have largely eradicated Islamic State terrorists from the country.

(BE ADVISED: Video below contains extreme obscene language)

He also slams US president Donald Trump, for his utter abandonment of his core principles of non-intervention, national sovereignty and rapprochement with Russia to fight terrorism, which swept him to power in 2016.

Jones also speculates that FBI raids on Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen on April 10th, led to the Deep State coming into possession of dirt on the president which effectively caused him to give up his intention to withdraw from Syria, announced just days before a purported “chemical weapons attack” in the town of Douma on the outskirts of Damascus.

Altogether, Jones gives voice to the tremendous anger and frustration no doubt felt by millions of former Trump supporters who placed so much faith in the promises of a peaceful foreign policy expressed by the candidate on the campaign trail.

For them, Donald Trump’s second aggressive military action launched against a sovereign nation truly represents the ultimate disappointment and betrayal.

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