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WATCH Tucker Carlson guns BLAZING on Russia warmongers, OWNS Hillary Clinton flunky

The rebel Fox News host once again blasts the Globalists beating the Russia war drums and the incessant inquisition against Donald Trump

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is exploding in prime time cable ratings. And it’s not hard to see why.

Apart from scathingly criticizing liberal-left politically correct lunacy, Carlson offers an unbelievable dose of truth and common sense on foreign policy – glaringly missing from western mainstream media, including Fox News itself.

And he’s done it again above – blasting the Washington elite’s obsession with their McCarthyite inquisition in search of a crime Donald Trump or his associates might have committed in “collusion” with Russia.

At the same time, they’re aggressively pushing the USA into direct armed conflict with the world’s only other nuclear superpower over Syria – a country with jack squat to do with US national security.

Watch above as Tucker lays everything out crystal clear – and owns a warmongering Hillary apologist in the process.

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