War really is good business. Ukraine’s President Poroshenko set to purchase 90 armored cars from his close business partner Oleg Gladkovskiy

Farcical and tragic, all rolled into one…this is America’s Ukraine adventure.

Now that US and EU taxpayers are on the hook to send some $40 billion to the oligarch, neo-nazi insane asylum that governs whatever is left of Ukraine, news is starting to filter out as to how the billions of dollars will be spent.

In what should come as no surprise to anyone with half a brain, Ukraine’s corrupt oligarchs are set to cash in big time from the billions of dollars in Western aid.

Western main stream media remains silent, as always…lest any American or European citizen suddenly realise that their hard earned tax dollars will be lining, the already full pockets, of Porky, Yats and Yarosh (to name just a few).

The Fort Russ blog reports…

The National Guard plans to buy 90 Bogdan Bars armored cars in the near future, according to the NG press service.

The Bars armored car will also enter the UAF competition for a light armored multi-purpose vehicle. The “Bogdan Motors” company which manufactures the Bars belongs to Oleg Gladkovskiy (earlier known as Oleg Svinarchuk), who is a business partner of Petro Poroshenko.

Moreover, one of the entities owning shares in Bogdan Motors is the Praim Essets Kepital which belongs to Petro Poroshenko.

No wonder Ukraine’s war criminal President Poroshenko is so eager to get his hands on US lethal weapons. The kickbacks alone will send his net worth to the stratosphere.

Fort Russ blog further comments:

To add insult to the injury (though maybe this time it’s the other way around), the vehicle looks like a piece of junk. It might be of use as a police vehicle, and quite possibly this is why the National Guard wants them. However, its usefulness on the battlefield would be very limited, largely due to its evident low off-road mobility.

But it’s par for the course. People have been dying to make Poroshenko even wealthier ever since he has taken office. Why should it stop now?


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