Ukraine PM Yats will use US/EU taxpayer money to build “The Wall”, not to keep Russians out, but to keep Ukrainians in

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The project was called the “Wall”, but then Yats renamed it to the “European bulwark”.

Make no mistake about it, the “Wall” is not about keeping Russians out. It all about keeping Ukrainians in.

We all know if Russia wanted they could plough through a bunch of barbed wire fences in seconds, and steamroll Ukraine in days.

The fact is Russia does not want this. The Kremlin has no desire in owning a broken, corrupt, (and for the moment) fascist Ukraine.

What Russia wants is a friendly, stable, and neutral trading partner. What the US and EU wants is another land to plunder on the cheap.

And because Ukraine is such a freakin mess in every which way (economically, politically, socially), men and women are scratching and clawing to get as far away from the train wreck as possible…and where do most go? Russia of course.

Yats’ only option to stop the flow of Ukrainian citizens to Russia is to build a wall. Keep the sheep locked in, and then slaughter the sheep for the feast at the master’s table.

And just in case you do not believe the fact that Ukrainians seek refuge, in what the western main stream like to portray as the aggressor nation, here is this from the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) report

800,961 Ukrainians have sought asylum, residence permits or other forms of legal stay in neighboring countries; 659,143 have sought asylum in Russia and an additional 81,023 have done so in Belarus.

The “Wall” is in fact a big Ukrainian prison.

No western main stream media outlet will ever present this as such, because even mentioning the fact that Ukrainians go to Russia for refuge destroys the entire “Russia has invaded Ukraine” meme that US and EU leaders have invested so heavily in.

Not to mention that fact that the entire “Wall” project is funded by US and EU taxpayer money. I guess if their is something America excels at its building prisons.

Sputnik News Agency reports…

The Ukrainian government has approved an approximate price tag for the construction of a so-called “wall” along its border with Russia: the newly-released cost estimate of $500 mln as of the end of 2014 has been slashed to approximately $200 mln; and the works will run faster – it will now take three years rather than four, as was claimed earlier.

Ukraine has reduced the estimated cost of the construction of a so-called “Wall” project along its border with much-feared Russia.

Construction work will now require 4 billion hryvnas (almost $200 million) and will run for three years. At the end of 2014, the government had claimed it would need four years and an estimated 8 billion hryvnas (at that time, the equivalent of $500 mln).

According to the project, more than 2,000 kilometers of the country’s actual border with Russia will be protected with anti-tank (anti-transport) trenches measuring four meters wide and two meters deep as well as 17-meter tall metal watchtowers, observation posts, alarms, retaliatory weaponry and special border check-points.

The construction work along the border as well as in territories adjacent to the zone of the so-called anti-terrorist operation and Russia’s Republic of Crimea will be supervised by the state border guard service.

Out of the 4 billion hryvnas needed for the project, 1 billion ($48mln) is slated to be spent by the end of 2015.

Earlier in May, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko confirmed that the nation’s government still plans to build its so-called Great Wall of Ukraine but claimed that Ukraine will set aside 300 million hryvnas ($12.8 million) to begin engineering work on border defenses this year.

Ukrainian officials first proposed the Great Wall in Autumn, claiming it will prevent Russian tanks from crossing the border.



The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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