US / EU are about to throw Macedonia off the cliff. Protests reminiscent of Maidan and Arab Spring set for Sunday

When will people learn that US / EU orchestrated protests to spur on regime change operations always lead to disaster.

From the entire Arab Spring to Ukraine, one only needs to look at all the suffering and death in so many “democratic” movements funded by the US and EU to simply opt out of such folly. But people never learn, and the NGO dollars and big promises thrown protestor’s way always overpowers peaceful, real democratic processes and communication.

Sunday looks like the beginning of the latest government overthrow and more conflict and bloodshed in the name of democracy and anti-corruption.

I wonder if the fools who flood the squares to complain about the lack of democracy, and abundance of corruption, ever stop to realise that the US and EU are in fact the most corrupt and least democratic entities on the planet.

The leader of The Social Democratic Union of Macedonia (SDSM), Zoran Zaev, will demand the resignation of Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski at a mass protest in the capital Skopje.

Albanian forces loyal to Washington will be activated to cause trouble, much like the Right Sector neo-nazi groups were activated in Kiev by US neo-cons to begin firing on protestors. US/EU regime change has become, for lack of a better word…automated.

Havoc will then engulf the country.

The ultimate goal is to block the Turk Stream / Greek Stream pipeline from entering deep into Europe, and send a clear message to Greece, and other Balkan nations (that means you Serbia) not to even think about energy alignment with Russia.

Sputnik News reports…

According to Zaev, Gruevski is responsible for the crisis in the country.

He added that the protest would be peaceful, but continue until the government’s resignation. About 70,000 people will join in the rally, he said.

“All members of our party were instructed to record on camera a potential police violence, or other facts that could lead to clashes on Sunday during the protests, to once again demonstrate the truth about the violence of the authorities.”

Zaev noted that the SDSM is in talks with Albanian parties about their participation in the Sunday protest.

On May 6, at least 40 people, including 38 police officers, were injured during anti-government protests in Skopje.

The violent political protests began in the capital after Zaev accused the prime minister of concealing the circumstances surrounding the death of 22-year-old Martin Neskovski in June 2011.

Neskovski was beaten to death by a bodyguard of Gruevski’s at a meeting of the ruling party VMRO-DPMNE (Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization – Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity), according to Zaev.

The opposition leader said he has a record of the conversation between Gruevski and Minister of Internal Affairs Gordana Jankulovska, which shows the two planned to cover up the killer’s identity. Jankulovska denied the accusations and stated that the recording was a fake.


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