Today America makes their invasion and takeover of Ukraine official. 300 US soldiers land in Lviv

Since Vicky Nuland’s “Cookie Revolution” took place the US, NATO and some EU member states have been sending weapons, cash, and mercenaries to Ukraine in a failed effort to take over Crimea, frack the Donbass, and eventually destabilise and topple Vladimir Putin.

So while the western zombie world has been inundated with Twitter evidence that Russia has invaded Ukraine, over and over and over again…America, NATO, and the EU, have stealthily been paving the way for the official landing of troops onto Russia’s doorstep, in what can only be described as the first stages of WW3.

Sputnik News Agency reports…

The 300 US Army military personnel deployed to Ukraine to conduct a joint training mission with the Ukrainian army at a peacekeeping center near Lviv from March 5 until October 21 have already arrived, Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs representative Aleksandr Lukashevich announced on Thursday.

“American servicemen have already been transferred to Lviv region to train Ukrainian soldiers.”

Lukashevich added that even though the situation in eastern Ukraine is stabilizing thanks to the Minsk ceasefire agreement, the United States is still discussing delivering weapons to Kiev.

“The continual flow of reports that the United States will begin mass deliveries of weaponry to Ukraine, calls forth serious concern. A special law is even being developed in the [US] Congress that would provide $1 billion for equipping and training Ukrainian troops as if Washington is preparing to take them under their full maintenance.”

US authorities are considering the supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine but the December US Congress legislation that authorized $350 million to arm Kiev forces has not been enacted by US President Barack Obama.

The US is desperate, and willing to do anything in order to upset the Minsk 2 ceasefire and get the war back on.


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