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VIDEO: Vladimir Putin calls for new sanctions against Ukraine

Since February 2014, Ukraine has imposed sanctions against nearly 1,700 entities in Russia. This is something that has been happening since the conclusion of the EuroMaidan revolution, which overthrew the elected government in Ukraine and replaced it with a very pro-Western, anti-Russian regime.

On 22 October, President Putin decided enough was enough, and signed a decree imposing sanctions against companies and individuals in Ukraine.

RT reported this on the 22nd and noted that:

The decree was issued as “a response to unfriendly actions of Ukraine” related to the introduction of sanctions against citizens and legal entities of Russia, as well as “in order to protect national interests,” according to the website.

The Russian government was ordered to “determine the lists of individuals and legal entities in respect of which special economic measures are applied”, and “identify special economic measures applicable to individuals and legal entities.”

In 2017, Ukraine also imposed sanctions on Russian internet and media companies including Group, Yandex, VKontakte and Odnoklassniki, as well as antivirus software manufacturers Kaspersky Lab and Doctor Web.

Kiev first imposed sanctions against Moscow four years ago over Russia’s reunification with the Crimea. Ukraine also accused Russia of supporting an armed uprising in eastern Ukraine following the Maidan protests that led to the overthrow of President Viktor Yanukovich. The Kremlin has denied involvement in the conflict.

So, once again, as in the West itself, sanctions against Russia have built up from Ukraine based on the same model: Make up an allegation and then act on it like it is a proven fact.

The point that the fact is not proven at all is besides the point, because this is just a piece of a calculated and deliberate plan to isolate the Russian Federation from the rest of the world, since it refuses to capitulate to Western “rules”, and globalism.

Vesti News also carried the report in updated form here:

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This news comes amid some churning reports from Russia and the United States about the intention of the US to withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Missile Treaty (INF). While the media fuss surrounded this move by the American government, what was less widely reported was that John Bolton, the National Security Adviser for President Trump’s administration, had a constructive meeting with President Putin and advanced the plan for the two leaders to meet in just a few weeks from now in Paris.

President Putin has been quiet about the recent US sanctions imposed in August, and while they initially hit the Russian Ruble pretty hard, causing it to briefly drop past 70 rubles to the dollar, the situation has stabilized and the ruble is again slowly recovering at this time. Additionally, President Putin is conducting meetings with Western European leaders such as Austria’s, quietly working against the EU globalists and their agenda.

There is speculation that should the GOP win the Congressional midterms, President Trump will be able to loosen the sanctions against Russia. This speculation gets additional support with the recent announcement from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, that he is preparing to release his report on the allegation of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian agencies, lovingly called “Russiagate.” That release is to take place after the midterms end. Some read the absence of information on this matter as a sign that Mueller found nothing (which would be logical, as the only things that have been ‘discovered’ were collusion attempts of various types by the Clinton campaign, and not the Trump organization.)

A speculative point this schedule of sanctions laid against Ukraine raises is that President Putin, like President Trump, is feeling a bit more free to act in response to the unjust actions being perpetrated against his country.

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October 25, 2018

It’s about time.

Of course, now the western press will decry the untoward aggression against the innocent Ukrainians by the evil tyrant Putin.

It’s enough to make one puke.

Reply to  Gavril
October 28, 2018

Russia invaded Donbass and Crimea in 2014, killing thousands, downed MH17

October 25, 2018

One can thank former Senator Songbird John McCain for all of Ukrainians problems today since he was the one behind the Revolt on 2014.

Reply to  TheCelotajs
October 28, 2018


Shaun Ramewe
Shaun Ramewe
October 26, 2018

More than justified and long overdue.

Reply to  Shaun Ramewe
October 28, 2018

Russia invaded and murdered 20.000 Russian speakers in Donbass.

What might the Clinton plan be for getting rid of Trump?

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