Victoria Nuland will be traveling to Greece and Brussels this week as she continues to press for war with Russia

No doubt that “Cookie monster” Nuland will be in Greece to discuss the country’s warming up to Russia after the SYRIZA government won recent elections.

Nuland, the top neo-con representative in Obama’s Administration, and the driving force behind last years coup in Kiev, will look to deliver her special type of diplomacy to the new Greek government…with some carrots and lots of sticks, in a continued effort to force Greece to turn away from Russia, even though doing so is 100% detrimental to an already battered Greek economy.

After Greece, Nuland will visit Brussels to pay a visit to her EU lapdogs…maybe even bringing them some doggy treats for their loyal service.

Sputnik News Agency reports…

US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland will travel to Europe this week for discussions with senior government officials of Greece, Slovenia and Italy, the US Department of State announced in a release.

“Nuland will travel to Athens, Greece, Ljubljana, Slovenia, and Rome, Italy, March 16-19, to meet with senior government officials in each of these countries to discuss the range of bilateral, regional, and global issues,” the release, issued on Monday, said.

The State Department added that on March 20, Nuland will then travel to Brussels, Belgium to meet with NATO leaders and senior European Union officials, including members of the European Commission, as well as to participate in the German Marshall Fund of the United States’ annual Brussels Forum.


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