“Cookie Monster” and Ukraine war architect, Victoria Nuland, says US applies “pressure” on Hungary, Greece, and Cyprus to accept Russian sanctions

US Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs, Victoria Nuland should be held accountable for the 6,000 plus deaths that her Ukraine coup and civil war unleashed.

Instead she sits in Washington and addresses Congress with an untouchable arrogance and evil that would make Satan proud.

“Cookie Monster” Nuland, at a US Senate hearing, openly admitted that the US puts pressure on Hungary, Greece, and Cyprus, (whose leaders have opposed anti-Russian sanctions) to accept Russian sanctions…kiss the ring of power like a good vassal state…i.e. Cameron’s UK.

In other words, the USA bullies and blackmails countries to do things that are clearly wrong, unjust and against their own country’s best interests.

For warmongers like Nuland, democracy and free will of the nation state is meaningless when it goes against her plan to begin WW3.

Worst of all, what does this say about the other EU member states that put up no fight and blindly follow America into a foreign policy quagmire that will obliterate Europe.

Sputnik News Agency reports…

“We continue to talk to them bilaterally about these issues,” Nuland said of Hungary, Greece, and Cyprus, whose leaders have opposed anti-Russian sanctions. “I will make another trip out to some of those countries in the coming days and weeks.”

Nuland noted that “despite some publically stated concerns, those countries have supported sanctions” in the European Union Council.

Additionally, discussions between the United States and Europe have continued, Nuland said in her opening statements to the US Senate Foreign Affairs Committee.

“We have already begun consultations with our European partners on further sanctions pressure should Russia continue fueling the fire in the east or other parts of Ukraine, fail to implement Minsk or grab more land,” she said.

Some European nations including Greece, Hungary and Cyprus, have opposed further sanctions, and Spain has recently stated its opposition as well.


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