Hillary in hot water. US Congress is expected to launch inquiry into Clinton email scandal

Hillary is certainly besting her husband Bill. It took him two terms to finally get an inquiry opened against him in the Monica Lewinsky affair.

Hillary is getting her very own inquiry before even before announcing her candidacy for President of the United States.

Hillary really is an overachiever.

Sputnik News reports…

Hillary Clinton has been under [scrutiny] for disregarding State Department policy by using her own private email to conduct all of her official correspondence. Now, sources say, the top Republican in the opposition-led House of Representatives will launch an official investigation.

Official State Department police — as implemented in 2009, states that all personnel — including officials — must use emails provided on the official server. Clinton, who was appointed Secretary of State in 2008, continued to always use her private email.

After coming under fire for that breach, Clinton gave State Department investigators access to many of the emails on her private server, later announcing that she turned over everything that had anything to do with her role as Secretary.

However, Republicans and transparency advocates expressed doubt that she likely turned over everything related to her official capacity. Many Republican legislators have shown a particular interest in emails relating to the Benghazi incident in which a US ambassador was killed in Libya which, they say, Clinton would have an interest in hiding.

A preliminary internal review process showed that Clinton had sent and received 62,320 emails while Secretary. Of those, 30,490 official emails were provided to the department and 31,830 were withheld as relating to her personal life.

Current Secretary of State John Kerry has said that it will take months to fully review the situation which means that the issue is likely to come up again after Clinton has officially announced her run for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination.

Clinton had said that she did not want to carry two devices, citing the inconvenience. However, it was later revealed that she admitted to carrying two devices previously, anyway.


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