Victoria Nuland is in Croatia talking about democracy and freedom in the Balkans…expect some bad things to go down

Where Victoria Nuland goes regime change, war, and death follow.

Nuland proved here worth to the neocon gods by orchestrating the Ukraine coup and subsequent civil war that has killed thousands.

Now with US puppet state, UK, bringing up ghosts of the past with its Srebrenica genocide security council resolution…Nuland touching down in Croatia is no coincidence.

The US is beginning to stir up trouble in the Balkans, this is clear. What exactly Washington has in mind is still a bit hazy, but Srebrenica is a key linchpin in what Nuland, Samantha Powers and their neocon masters can only hope will be lots more death and destruction…all in the name of neoliberal values.

Via Sputnik News…

Nuland acknowledged that the Balkans still faced what she called “pernicious threats” of violent extremism, corruption and criminality, as well as rulers she described as “sleazy autocrats.”

“[W]ith severe security challenges to Europe’s south and in its East, this region sits in the balance,” Nuland said in prepared remarks in Dubrovnik, Croatia on Friday. “[A]s you make that choice, other nations with similar struggles from Tunisia to Ukraine will watch to see if you succeed, and if you can help show them how it’s done.”

She called on peoples and leaders throughout the Balkans to turn their backs on old hatreds and new rivalries, and join forces to resist challenges to strong statehood and individual liberty.

“Either the work of the last twenty years can be completed with wise decisions by courageous leaders and people pushing for a better life, or this region can fall prey once again to the risks, hatred, and outside interference that brought it grief so many times before,” the Assistant Secretary said. “The choices ahead are yours.”


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357 Mag
357 Mag
July 11, 2015

This filthy Tulmudic ZioNazi parasite needs to be bushwacked, just saying.

Das boot? Wolfgang Schaeuble is on the attack. Calls for 5 year Grexit and humanitarian aid

Must read to believe: The 25 year old girl / actress in “I am Ukrainian” propaganda video is now deputy governor of Odessa