Must read to believe: The 25 year old girl / actress in “I am Ukrainian” propaganda video is now deputy governor of Odessa

Remember this video…

Which was debunked as a total fraud, propaganda piece here…

Yes this US Neocon / Project for the New American Century (PNAC) / William Kristol and Robert Kagan / Husband of Victoria Nuland / US coup architect / cookies on Maidan / US funded snipers firing at both sides, produced video that over 8,000,000 western zombies were actually dumb enough to believe.

The girl / actress / 25 years old Saakashvili, play thing is now governor of Odessa.


Via Fort Russ…

Siding with foreign interests to destroy your country’s economy and constitution pays off:

The girl from “I am Ukrainian” video, Yulia Marushevskaya, has been appointed 3rd in command for Saakashvili’s team in Odessa, at just 25 years old. Saakashvili claimed that she has been “educated” in Harvard and Stanford, but Standford University states no one by that name studied there. She has no other qualifications and no experience. Well, at least she’s not a wanted pro-American strongman like her boss.

The original “I am a Ukrainian” video was made by a Western team with connections to US gov’t.

Much like the Maidan itself. As Russians sadly joke…



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Navin Chaturvedi
Navin Chaturvedi
July 14, 2015

Summary of Ukranian crisis: Pro-Russian, democratically elected president Viktor Yanukovych refused to sign EU agreement choosing to opt for a deal with Russia instead…… Euro-Maidan protest against the President in the pretext of “Ending Corruption” is launched ……93 people are shot dead by “Unidentified” men……….President Yanukovych forced to flee his country…….New puppet government (with support from the West) installed……Talk of “Corruption” disappears……………This is an ideal example of how legitimate Governments can be brought down by foreign backed protests in the pretext of “corruption”

Victoria Nuland is in Croatia talking about democracy and freedom in the Balkans…expect some bad things to go down

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble demands a pound of flesh from Greece as Eurogroup talks enter a second day