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US false flag threats against Syria designed to prevent Trump/Putin meeting

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In just over a week, the G20 summit of nations is to convene in Germany.

This will be the first time that Donald Trump and President Putin will have been in the same room and many are suggesting that the two will meet on the sidelines of the main summit as world-leaders often do at such events.

Many in the generally unreliable western mainstream media are suggesting that Donald Trump is keen to meet Vladimir Putin at the G20 but that some US advisers to POTUS do not want the meeting to happen. It must be made clear that such reports are totally uncorroborated and are coming from sources such as Britain’s notoriously inaccurate and dishonest Independent.

But beyond the Trump-baiting innuendo of the western mainstream media, it is not difficult to imagine that the anti-Russian elements in Washington are telling Trump to stay clear of President Putin. It is equally conceivable that many who are still afraid of the Russiagate scandal which has been exposed by under-cover CNN employees as fake news, might equally want Trump to avoid being seen having a bilateral meeting with the Russian President.

And this brings us to US threats of aggression against Syria to allegedly avenge a chemical weapons attack that America admits has not happened, although they seem suspiciously sure that it will.

Russia has in no uncertain terms, warned America not to commit an illegal act of military aggression against Syria. This has not stopped Nikki Haley from alluding to regime change in Syria, although James Mad Dog Mattis has said the opposite.

It is no secret that some members of the Trump administration want to turn the administration into a neo-con carbon copy of the Bush/Obama years. Others however appear to by more sympathetic to the pragmatic side of Trump’s apparent personal policy making trajectory.

Rex Tillerson and to some extent James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis have both proved to be on the pragmatic side of the equation. Nikki Haley, having no experience in foreign policy before her appointment to the UN, is a well-known careerist with ambitions that go far beyond the UN. Indeed, it is fair to say that Nikki Haley is the first Ambassador in history to use the United Nations as a platform to launch a wider long-term domestic political campaign.

Therefore, since Haley probably has few actual convictions about foreign policy, it would not be difficult to convince her to adopt causes that would put the attention on her (something she clearly craves) while in so-doing, accomplish a goal of thrusting forward a neo-con foreign policy on the world’s stage, one that others in the US would have to either go along with in order to pretend that the administration is unified, or otherwise repudiate, making the world know that the administration in Washington is as chaotic as many already feel that it is.

There is every possibility that whoever the real author of the newly aggressive statements against Syria is, it is a person or group of people who is/are wiling to risk possible military retribution from Russia in order to derail Trump and Putin from meeting one another in a meaningful let alone positive context.

Would the United States really be willing to risk such a conflict to prevent Trump from having a positive bilateral meeting with the head of state of a fellow superpower? This is after all a country in which Bill Clinton launched an illegal war on Yugoslavia in order to get Monica Lewinsky out of the headlines. Anything is possible in the craven new America.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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