Unspoken facts behind Obama’s chaotic arrival to China

Obama’s chaotic arrival to China for the G20, echoed totally different in the western media, than actual truth. According to the Chinese news agencies the event that resulted in Obama’s strange arrival started from a translation problem and was followed by a misunderstanding.

China has been harshly criticized for its unpleasant behavior, and also for deliberately snubbing a president of another country. As it has been displayed by the international media, Obama stepped out from Air Force One with a built-in staircase without a red carpet. China has been the target of much criticism whether this was intentional or not. China’s defense on the matter has almost never been spoken of in the international press.

According to the Chinese News Agency Global Times…

“Shortly after Obama’s plane landed in Hangzhou, Chinese security personnel attempted to prevent some US officials and reporters from walking toward the motorcade, citing security reasons…”

Chinese officials were obliged to take precautions and arrange order for the welcoming ceremony, but when some US citizens among the crowd didn’t deviate from instructions by stating that “This is our plane and our president”, Chinese official felt the obligation to state “This is our airport and this is our country”.

Western media has hyped up the incident and accused China of being “unwelcoming”. In fact Chinese officials were just trying to be attentive. According to the Chinese translator Qu…

“–this was just a mistake of some lawless people reacting unkindly to the local officials but the international media presented it in a totally different way”.

Qu also mentions that “the other side of the story is written all around the Chinese media but maybe also because of the massive language barrier; China could not make its voice heard enough”.

The reason that Obama used the aircraft’s own staircase, not the one that Chinese ground services offered to the other presidents, is also connected to a language barrier. Qu, explains; according to the Chinese media we know that the Chinese ground service personal didn’t understand the instructions well enough, so the US officials preferred to use built-in staircase themselves rather than accepting the translation offer that has been done from the Chinese side.

After all, blaming China for that chaotic arrival seems unfair. Mainstream media has been targeting China, maybe intentionally maybe not, but as a result the country is blamed in the eyes of the general public, basically for no fault of it’s own doing.

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