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What the media aren’t telling you about Donald Trump’s interview on RT

The nuclear armed circus that is this year’s US Presidential campaign just got more interesting.

Recently, Donald Trump phoned in to RT’s Politicking to be interviewed by Larry King. So far, so usual.

But not this year. “Donald Trump appears on Russian state run television to criticise America”. This itself is worthy of a spot in The Duran Lexicon, a helpful guide to translating western slogans and expressions into the language of reality.

Here’s what actually happened. Donald Trump appeared on the television show of one of the most respected American journalists of the last 50 years. Larry King worked most of his life for CNN before coming out of retirement to bring his show to RT America, a channel which broadcasts in English.

On this show Donald Trump criticised many policies of the Democratic Party which is par for the course as he is the Republican candidate.

Larry King by the way has come out and said he will not vote for Trump but that he finds him to be a decent individual not worthy of many insults the Democrats throw at him…so again the interviewer is no conspirator to help Trump win.

During the interview Trump talked about how the media has consistently twisted his words and misled the public about his beliefs. Whether one likes Trump or not, it didn’t take long for the media to prove that this statement of his was absolutely true.

Here’s the full interview:

One of the most incipient distortions of Trump’s interview came from Dean Obeidallah, a self-styled ‘comedian’ who said “After Trump’s appearance on Russian tv maybe he can get an interview on the ISIS network?”.

This statement is outlandish, outrageous and offensive. To compare any major respected news-outlet to ISIS – the people whose propaganda includes calls for their followers to murder people around the world and blow up crowded areas like public squares and airports – is simply perverse.

I don’t know if Obeidallah thought he was being funny but it does just remind one of a line from an actual comedian, Bob Monkhouse who said, “When I said I was going to become a comedian, they all laughed. Well, they’re not laughing now, are they”?

But the total misunderstanding of what RT is and what RT isn’t by self-professed open minded internationalists gets increasingly absurd. 

A group called ‘Republicans 4 Clinton’ said Trump disparaged America on ‘foreign airwaves’.

Does this mean that no American presidential candidate is allowed to go on Fox News because it is owned by a man from Australia? Sure Rupert Murdoch is a US citizen, but then again Clinton’s campaign has called any Americans working for RT traitors.

Does The Duran Lexicon really need to clarify the difference between ‘free speech’ and ‘treason’?

Then Hillary Clinton’s spokesman, a man called Jesse Lehrich, called RT “Putin’s’ propaganda network”.

First of all Vladimir Putin does not run RT and never has. Vladimir Putin is not now nor has he ever been a journalist. This would be a bit like saying that the BBC is Queen Elizabeth II’s personal propaganda outlet.

The shamelessness of the Clinton campaign and Clinton supporters seems to have no end.

I’ll end on a more ponderous note.

If Larry King or any other host of a show on any of RT’s global channels asked me for an interview, I would say yes. If Larry King’s former employer CNN did the same, I’d have to think twice. 

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