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Understanding the Deep State from the Rise of HSBC, the CIA’s Origins to JFK’s Assassination

(Interview with Cynthia Chung)

In this interview with China Rising Radio’s Jeff J. Brown, Rising Tide Foundation President Cynthia Chung addresses matters of history, geopolitics and current events with a look to the future. During this interview, Cynthia focuses on the often overlooked role of Anglo-American intelligence operations that have sabotaged potentials for peace, prosperity and cooperation for centuries.

Jeff and Cynthia discuss the growth of the modern invisible empire managed by the City of London which created the foundations for the current global drug trade (with HSBC as a key player) from the early days of the Chinese Opium Wars. Other topics include the origins of the CIA, the operation to destroy the multi-polar vision promoted by Franklin D. Roosevelt and the coup d’etat of 1963 that ended a brave president’s effort to establish peace with Russia, end the Vietnam War, crackdown on the CIA while promoting a positive vision for anti-colonial development globally.

The takeaway lesson throughout this discussion is that the western world may now be facing its final chance to avoid disaster and world war by joining hands with the BRICS and multipolar alliance led by the combined efforts of Russia and China.

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December 22, 2020

Thank you to the Duran for giving some exposure to the Rising Tide Foundation,Cynthia Chung and Matthew Ehret .Some excellent work to be sure .

nels wight
nels wight
Reply to  Guy
December 22, 2020

and Jeff Brown is superb!

Susan Rarick
Susan Rarick
December 22, 2020

I’m sorry but you have foundation co-founder interviewing another co-founder …………. Credibility shortcomings ……….. Instead do a rewind and dig into the facts of the Dulles boys perpetual wars and how Trump was lucky – the last president to try and cut back on wars and the deep state got assassinated – they just overthrew Trump Also BRICS is an association in mostly name only- India (I) and China (C) are at each others throats now and Russia (R) would be thrown under the bus in a Chinese second by China. China knows this, Russia knows this. Any physical show… Read more »

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