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Ukrainian regime renames train stations to distort Russian history

Ukrainian regime renames train stations to distort Russian history

In a train-wreck move which will certainly confuse commuters and what few visitors Ukraine still attracts, the Ukrainian regime has decided to rename several train stations in order to remove any traces of the fact that the area that is now Ukraine is traditional Russian territory.

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Among the changes are Kiev-Oktyabrsky named for the Russian city in the Republic of Bashkortostan, Kiev-Moskovsky named for Moscow and Shchors station named for the Soviet hero Nikolai Shchor.

The stations were instantly renamed Grushki, Kiev-Demeyevsky and Snovsk, receptively.

By contrast, one can still book a hotel room in Hotel Ukraina in central Moscow.

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This is yet another petty move that will create nothing but confusion and added infrastructural costs for new signage, maps and ticketing printing facilities that the virtually bankrupt Ukrainian regime cannot afford.

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