Ukraine’s Oligarch President photoshops himself into Economist mag cover…gets ridiculed on twitter

Get you get any more pathetic than Ukraine’s Porky. This shows how a US placed dictator fools (or thinks he can fool) his people by exerting complete media control within his US occupied nation.

Not only did Poroshenko make the cover of the economist, but believe him when he says Russia invaded east Ukraine.

Via Sputnik News…

The Poroshenko administration posted a fake, photoshopped version of the cover of The Economist to feature the Ukrainian President… only to see it parodied by social media users.

In an apparent display of his somewhat peculiar sense of humor, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko posted a photoshopped cover of ‘The World in 2016’ issue of The Economist magazine.

The original cover looked like this:


In the ‘Poroshenko Edition’ of the cover, the image of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, pictured along with other world leaders and famous celebrities was replaced with that of the Ukrainian leader.

“Some gifts are not just a compliment to me, but a personal responsibility. Adding it to my holiday agenda,” Poroshenko wrote in his post. But even though the ill-fated post was quickly deleted, social networks users saw their opportunity to poke fun at the Ukrainian president’s latest antic and responded with a barrage of parodies.


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