NATO warmongers tell their puppet Porky Poroshenko to abide by Minsk agreement. What does NATO have up its sleeve?

Can NATO be trusted…hell no.

NATO’s Stoltenberg is now, all of sudden, telling his puppet Porky to abide by Minsk. This about face is probably a factor of two things.

1. Syria and 2. US nukes in Germany.

Sputnik News summarizes a recent article in German media outlet Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten…

“The main focus now is the implementation of the Minsk agreement,” Stoltenberg said.
He added that Monday was the first day since the peace agreement was signed in February in which no violations had been reported.

The author underscored that there was a visible change of tone in NATO’s rhetoric. Previously, the alliance criticized Russia and blamed it for ceasefire breaches in the region.

It seems that Washington and Moscow have reached an agreement on Syria and are not interested in any escalation of the Ukrainian crisis, the author presumed.

What is more, Germany will now provide financial support to Kiev, so that is not a headache for other major powers, he added.

However, the article read that this could be a tactical maneuver by NATO as the US has unveiled plans to deploy its nuclear weapons to a German air force base.

The ceasefire has been observed in Donbass since early-September. However the OSCE warns that residents may not make it through the winter, according to the Local as water supply facilities are seriously damaged, and many areas are minefields.

The organization demands that Kiev withdraws troops from the contact line to conduct repair work in the territory.


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