On top of US/NATO refugee blowback, the EU has to also pay the ever growing regime change bill of Ukraine

With all the deep and divisive problems plaguing the crumbling European Union, taking care of Victoria Nuland’s failed state is probably the last thing the Oligarchs in Brussels need to worry about.

But as with Syria and Libya before it, Ukraine is yet another example of US/NATO destabilisation and destruction, for which Europe has to later try and cope with when the mess implodes.

The weak leadership of European heads of state, as they bow to US foreign policy without regard to their own country’s well being, will result in never ending blowback for Europeans…while Washington leader will consistently chuckle at how stupid and pathetic those “European partners” are.

Via Sputnik News Agency…

The damage in the region has topped $1 billion, according to the minister.

“If the damage is assessed monetarily it is much more than $1 billion. This is a fact,” the minister said as quoted by Ukrinform.

He added that he had discussed with the European Commission whether it was possible to begin restoration works in Donbass.

“Now, we can’t do anything there. Only preparation and planning are possible. I reported to the European Commission on the possible damage in the region and in the border area so our colleagues could start considering an aid package,” Pivovarsky underscored.

He noted that no concrete aid measures have been discussed.


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