Hungarian police rounded up 9,380 migrants trying to cross into the country from Serbia [Video]

A train wagon with razor wire attached to its front was set as a barricade on Hungarian-Serbian border near Roszke village.

The wagon served as a make shift fence to block the railway track passage, which was being used by refugees for months.

This train signalled Hungary’s closing of all crossing points with Serbia except the official road borders for vehicles, which are still in use but have checkpoints.

Via Sputnik News…

Hungary has closed the main migrant crossing point on the border with southern neighbor Serbia, the country’s Transport Authority announced on Tuesday.

The airspace will remain closed in a 20 km area along the Serbian border up to a height of 1,350 meters as Hungarian authorities are moving ahead with a crackdown on record numbers of migrants streaming into the European Union.

The closure is aimed at ensuring that police, the army and ambulance services can use the airspace to perform duties linked to handling the migrant crisis, the Transport Authority said in a statement.

The closure will remain in effect until further notice, and it will not affect scheduled international passenger flights, they added.

Hungarian police rounded up 9,380 migrants who were crossing into the country from Serbia on Monday, the highest daily figure this year, the police said on Tuesday.


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