Ukraine video proof that Pro-Russian militia were behind the attack is starting to unravel amid closer inspection [VIDEO]

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The Ukraine government, or whoever created the smoking gun video ‘proving’ that Pro-Russian militia were behind the downing of the MH 17 plane is already starting to fall apart.

The funny part to the whole video evidence story is that reputable publications like the New York Times, the Guardian and Business Insider ran like crazy with this story before doing even an ounce of research and fact checking.

Even UN Ambassador Samantha Powers citied the video moments ago during a Security Council session. Remember the UN speech by Colin Powell on Iraq WMD that preceded the Iraq invasion…here we go again.

One thing is fairly certain, the western main stream media is proving to be complicit shills in a propaganda war that appears to be creating a narrative to drive the world towards some sort of cold or hot war with Russia.

Any journalist publishing stories like the video conversation without fact checking the evidence presented is either fucking incompetent or a paid off tool.

And this leads us to the horrifically sloppy work of whoever concocted this whole video tape drama in the first place, and uploaded it on Youtube in hopes of placing the blame of MH 17 on the Pro-Russian militia.

Timestamps, file deletions, bad accents and sloppy work all around is starting to burn big holes in the video evidence showing, that while doctored and fake, the damage of its release and irresponsible distribution has been done.

And the holes…well there are many:

Video timestamps

Here’s the thing about uploading video, the encoding timestamp cannot be manipulated. The time and date that the video was created is locked in…period.

What we then have is somebody publishing a video as evidence that Pro-Russians brought down MH 17. The video is a conversation between two Russian talking about the successful shooting down of a commercial plane.

The video was published after the plane was brought down, all good right? Wrong…what the publisher missed was the video statistics that show it was created 14 hours before the plane was shot down.

Timezones don’t explain the discrepancy. You could not go far enough away in regards to time zones so that the upload time would have been at 08:10 AM local time in Ukraine, still hours before the event.

When the publisher realised his mistake he deleted the video, but as with all things Internet, it remained cached.

At 205 downloads…

creation youtube clip_0


In English at 810 downloads:

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 5.58.40 PM


To understand the timestamp tampering better, refer to this video explanation:

More timestamps problems

Now we have the actual video conversation timestamp which shows some gaping holes as well.

Zerohedge points out:

And yet, something here smells very fishy…

First, the Russian version of the clip which was released in parallel, and shown below, there is a major discrepancy in the time stamp, with the English-dubbed version showing the conversation between Major and Grek taking place at 5:11 pm and 5:32 pm, while the original one has it at 4:33 pm, 5:14 pm and 5:32 pm.

Storyline issues

The more you reflect on the narrative of the video, the worse it gets. The storyline would have us believe that unsupervised Cossacks were operating in the East Ukraine region and fully entrusted with a “Russian air-defense missile system” capable of hitting civilian airliners flying in excess of 20,000 feet. Keep in mind the Buk system is not some shoulder rocket MANPAD.

Here is exactly what these Cossacks would need to operate a Buk successfully (special training  and access codes also required):


Actors or real Pro-Russian militia…no way to really know

Finally we have no way to corroborate the authenticity of the video. Their is no way to tell if these guys were actors or the real deal. In the Nuland “Fuck the EU” tape we had Victoria Nuland actually apologise for her unladylike language (hence it was an authentic leak), here we have nothing, and will never get anything.

No journalist in his/her right mind would or should have run this story. In a court of law in the United States of America this video would be completely inadmissible…yet all the twitter and facebook mangina, white knights are quick to point fingers and beat their flappy man boobs to go to war.

I say let them be the first to paratroop into Russia and fight for Obama, Kerry, Nuland, Kagan, Cheney, McCain et al…

Remember to always look at actions not words. On June 5, in an attempt to cast blame and discredit the Pro-Russian separatists, Ukraine released a Youtube video seeking to disparage and frame Cossack fighter, Kozitsyn, titled “Russian Cossack Formations are Responsible For Chaos In Ukraine.”

It was released in Ukraine Investigation where the author writes as:

Here’s a transcription of the video where one of the Cossack atamans, Kozitsyn Mykola Ivanovych, discredits himself and gives orders to kill people, promises to transfer weapons and supplies on the territory of Ukraine from Russia and mentions that there are people standing above him. From this point goes the video transcription.

As Zerohedge explains:

What is quite striking is that the production quality is identical between the two clips, in everything from the design, to the scene and caption selection to the layout of the dubbing. All done very professionally. The only thing missing in the original clip is that translation which was conveniently added to today’s alleged framing of the same Russian forces – after all it is for global consumption – and the very same “cossack” Kozitsyn. A cossack who, the Ukraine defense ministry would want the world to believe, was so stupid he not only knew he was being recorded (as proven explicitly by the pre-existing June 5 recording release, proving every conversation of his was captured “on tape”, something he himself most certainly would be aware of), but would also speak unencrypted and on the record – just like Victoria Nuland did back in February when her leaked recording showed it was the US that was the mastermind behind the Ukraine unrest in the first place – going into gruesome detail of just what kind of plane it is that his men had taken down.

Was he really that stupid? Or is this merely yet another false flag provocation from the same “masterminds” that tried to launch another world war to benefit a few billionaire Qatari emirs with nothing but a YouTube clip in the summer of 2013?

Somehow we doubt we will ever know the true answer, but that is largely irrelevant: the opinion of the world as to who is at fault here is most certainly very much made up by now anyway, and if it isn’t, the “unbiased” media will certainly help, even it has nothing but repetitive soundbites and speculation presented as fact, in the coming days.



The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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