The fake BUK smoke trail photos that no western main stream media wants to talk about

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We strongly recommend anyone interested in getting to some sort of truth as to what happened to MH 17 head over to Max van der Werff’s blog and read his latest findings from his investigation of the BUK missile smoke trail photos.

Via New Cold War Truth…

Dutch blogger Max van der Werff claims that the photos purporting to show a smoke trail from a BUK missile launcher shortly after the MH17 plane was shot down over eastern Ukraine in July last year are fraudulent. Last month, he carried out an investigation in Donbass, where the photos were allegedly taken.

“A witness uploaded a photo of the moment of the rocket’s launch. On the horizon the [electircal] cable between Lutugina and Tsof is visible.”

The ‘vapor trail’ photo surfaced on social media in the immediate aftermath of the crash on July 17 last year, having been taken by an anonymous photographer. The image gained traction in a range of media outlets, which cited it as evidence that the plane was shot down by a BUK missile launcher, being operated by pro-independence rebels in the east of Ukraine.

Van der Werff, who traveled to the building in Donbass from which the image was allegedly taken, wrote the results of his investigations in a blog post on May 20. According to the blogger, who took footage of the roof from which the anonymous photographer claimed to have taken the picture, the image is fraudulent, since the view from the roof does not match that of the photo.

Van der Werff’s conclusions also correspond with other doubts over the veracity of the photos, raised because of the relatively clear weather conditions shown on the photo do not match those reported on the day of the crash, which was overcast.

Excerpts from Max van der Werff’s investigation…

Who is the lying anonymous photographer?

Just hours after the sunny ‘Buk plume’ picture was posted on Twitter account @Wowihay the name of the photographer was circulating on Internet: ПавелАлейников. In Latin script his name is spelled Pavel Aleynikov.

More lies made by the ‘Anonymous’ witness

Having identified the witness it becomes easy to do an online quick scan. Turns out on different dates Aleynikov gave at least four interviews to various media. In chronological order:

Business Insider – July 17, 2014, published the same day
RTL News – published December 22, 2014 (English translation)
Meduza – blog of Russian journalist Parkohmenko, published March 17, 2015
Daily Mail – published March 22, 2015

The story behind the three pictures – an alternative explanation

July 17th, 2014, Torez, Ukraine. Around 4:20pm local time flight MH17 was destroyed in midair.

Thousands of people have seen the dark smoke plume at Grabovo rising into the sky. Many people took pictures and various videos were posted on social media. A selection can be viewed and among others picture3 is also listed here.

Picture3 was published about fifteen minutes after the crash and its authenticity is undisputed.

– Except Pavel Aleynikov nobody until today claims to have photographed the contrail visible on this picture.
– After ten months not a single video has appeared showing the contrail.
– Although mostly cloudy that day, lateral visibility was excellent. More than 40,000 people live in the area in which people could have seen both the crash plume and a very unusual missile contrail.
– Many pictures and videos were taken of the crash plume in Grabovo. Pictures and videos uploaded shortly after the crash with different angles and many different positions, but none of them showing any trace of a missile’s contrail.

Let these facts sink in for a moment.

a) Possibly this picture2 is real and not manipulated, but shows another event and was NOT taken on July 17th. People claiming they can proof the picture is 100% legit and taken on July 17 do not know what they are talking about.
b) Possibly this picture2 is doctored, for example by Ukraine’s secret service SBU.

We know by now the cables shown in the picture do not exist and cannot have existed.

The following chain of possible events can explain why it was necessary to produce the picture with the fake cables in the first place:

– After publishing picture2 huge criticism on social media appeared the weather as shown in the picture differs too much from the real weather situation south of Snizhne shortly after the crash.
– Anticipating tough questions soon to be asked by official investigators it was decided to produce another picture that would make picture2 more credible.
– Picture1 is carefully Photoshopped. Nice clouds. The white contrail is positioned slightly more left compared to the one in picture2. Exactly what is to be expected due to the wind. An overlay of picture1 & 2 looks like this:

– It all matches, or not? There is one problem for the cheater(s). They had many days to doctor picture1 but it remains hard to pixel by pixel insert a white trail into an image without making the fraud detectable.
– Solution: in the final stage of the production the image was blurred to make signs of manipulation undetectable. To make the blurring ‘credible’ the cables were inserted. Aleynikov’s camera supposedly autofocused on the (non-existing) cables.



The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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