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Ukraine plans to test-fire missiles over Crimea, risks repeat of MH-17 disaster

As Donald Trump’s presidency fast approaches, a palpable sense of panic has set in among the faltering but still dangerous and violent fascist regime in Kiev.

The regime is acting as though they are anticipating the stream of financial and military aid, which has flowed from Washington to Kiev under Obama, to cease under President Trump. This is indeed a very real possibility. To put it bluntly, Donald Trump appears set to keep his promises in respect of a new US foreign policy.

The latest threat from Kiev is highly dangerous. The regime plans to test-fire missiles over Russian territory. The missiles would fly over Crimea, entering civilian airspace and threatening civil aviation.

RT reports the following:

Ukraine has made a unilateral decision to organize missile-firing exercises over Crimea, in the sovereign airspace of the Russian Federation, Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency Rosaviatsiya reported. Missiles will be fired in regions where civil and state aviation flights run.

Kiev’s move breaches a number of international laws and agreements, Rosaviatsiya said, adding that not only will the military exercise invade Russian territory, but the plans also had not been coordinated with Moscow.

Ukraine released an aviation notification on Thursday, activating “dangerous zones” in all flight levels near Crimea and the city of Simferopol for December 1 and 2, the agency reported. It added that the “dangerous” areas included airspace above open sea which is in Russia’s area of responsibility, and over Russian territorial waters.

Given the patent irresponsibility of Kiev allowing commercial planes to fly over the war-zone they created in Donbass, it is clear that the regime does not take its international responsibility to protect civilian air traffic seriously.

The innocent souls lost in the MH-17 downing is testament to the flippant manner in which Kiev views civilian life. What else could one expect from a regime that wages war against its own people, including women and children, in Donbass?

Whilst the regime in Kiev can barely keep its citizens warm in the winter, they seem hell-bent on going down with a fight and it is becoming increasingly clear that the Obama administration is not scrambling to put the brakes on this serious threat, one which violates the 1944 Convention on International Civil Aviation.

Kiev has played with civilian lives in their sycophantic geo-political chess game for far too long. Russia must be vigilant and protect the lives of her civilians as well as those flying over Russian territory by any means necessary.

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