Ukraine neo-nazi’s are ‘sweeping’ the city of Mariupol for pro-Russian elements, and the Greek minority population is being targeted

If their is one thing that you can bet on when dealing with nazi’s…sooner or later they make their way down the ethnicity chain to eventually terrorise any ethnic group not associated with their ilk.

The 30,000 strong Greek diaspora in Mariupol may now be feeling the wrath of Kiev’s nazi battalions, as security “sweeps” are being carried out in the East Ukraine city, in order to cleanse it of pro-Russian sentiment, and instil a more pro-Ukrainian psychology onto local residents.

In documents obtained by hacker group CyberBerkut, Ukraines ‘1984 like’ Ministry of Information has begun a sweep operation in Mariupol, which according to documents…

  • lacks pro-Ukrainian propaganda,
  • has a Greek community that is pro-Russian,
  • and is home to priests of the Moscow Patriarchate of the Orthodox Church that carry out anti-Ukrainian activities.

What makes Kiev’s campaign to rid Mariupol of elements that exhibit a pro-Russian psychology, like the city’s Greek residents, truly ironic is the fact that Greece (an EU member state) is currently working to pay off its IMF loan, that will then be transfered from Lagarde to the very government in Kiev sanctioning the Mariupol ‘sweep.’

You could say that the Greek government is now indirectly funding Kiev’s terror campaign on its very own Greek diaspora living in Mariupol.

Sputnik News Agency reports…

Ukrainian hacking collective CyberBerkut has reported that they have obtained a series of documents from the Ministry of Information Policy in Mariupol, featuring correspondence about the need for a pro-Ukrainian social-psychological propaganda campaign, and noting that a “sweep” of the city is taking place.

According to the group, over 100 people have been arrested over the past few days.

CyberBerkut claims to have obtained correspondence belonging to Ukrainian Ministry of Information Policy Minister Tatyana Popova, one of which recommends a “pilot project of military-civilian administration” in the embattled city.

“Everything began with an analysis of the information environment in Mariupol, reported to Tatyana Popova,” the hackers reported. This analysis, which “reads more like a denunciation,” was prepared by social psychologist Oleg Pokalchuk, who reported that the city lacks pro-Ukrainian propaganda, that the Greek community there is pro-Russian, and that the priests of the Moscow Patriarchate of the Orthodox Church are carrying out anti-Ukrainian subversive activities. Popova advised her colleagues to pay “close attention” to Pokalchuk’s report.

CyberBerkut promised to publish more of the internal correspondence between the Ministry and its workers at a later date.

It was earlier reported that Ukrainian authorities were looking to “root out informants” accused of passing sensitive information to anti-Kiev militia. Media have spoken of residents being taken away for questioning, some by armed men offering no official identification papers.

CyberBerkut is a group of hackers opposed to the current government in Kiev. Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, the group has conducted a series of high-profile hacks. It has recently reported on the details of US plans to send arms to Ukraine, revealed information revealing the high casualty figures among Ukrainian army, information about snipers on Maidan Square, and Victoria Nuland’s famous “F**k the EU!” exchange with US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt.


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