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Ukraine intensifies aggression against Donbass region

Whenever the forces of the fascist regime in Kiev feel any kind of existential weakness, they respond through a combination of insane rhetoric and increased attacks on the Donbass Republics, attacks which are in violation of the Mink II deal, an agreement which has been violated so many times, it hardly bears any discussion at this point.

Clearly fearing that Donald Trump’s new and thus far cordial relationship with Vladimir Putin may put the brakes on the US money which flowed so readily to the fascists under Obama, the fascist forces, including what is left of the Ukrainian army as well as militants, terrorists and mercenaries have been stepping up their attacks on Donbass.

It is clear that they are taking advantage of the uncertain period on foreign policy that was bound to take place in the first weeks (perhaps months) of a new US administration. This is especially the case since Trump has focused primarily on domestic issues like the economy or homeland security.

With Syria and Russia pounding ISIS targets in Deir ez-Zor and the Syrian Arab Army also making steady gains around Al-Bab, it is safe to say that by making a wise use of its resources, Syria is slowly but surely winning the war against the terrorist forces occupying her country.

By contrast, Donbass has been facing an escalation of external violence with very few voices highlighting the importance of the safety of the people of Donbass.

The Donbass Republics will never surrender. They have said this many times and their actions demonstrate their commitment to fighting to preserve their independent democracies. What is also clear is that in spite of the systematic weakness of the literally bankrupt fascist forces, without powerful voices forcing them to cease with their aggression, they will continue to wound the Donbass republics as much as they are able to do, until the inevitable collapse of the fascist regime in Kiev.

The wider world, including Russia, must do more to ensure the security of Donbass. Russia has been very good at supplying Donbass with aid and has constantly called for peace in international conferences, but more is needed.

Russia must provide the Donbass republics with modern equipment with which to defend themselves against any continued aggression. The weaker Kiev gets, the more violent they grow. The suffering of Donbass cannot be the price paid for this. The people of Donbass cannot wait and Russia does not now, nor have they ever needed external permission to help their fraternal comrades.

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