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Donald Tusk calls Donald Trump a threat to the EU

Whenever Donald speaks, one can be assured that a kind of meaningless statement, totally disconnected from present and historical realities, will slip through his lips. I’m speaking of course of President Donald Tusk of the European Council, who has listed the United States as an ‘existential threat’ to the European Union.

After decades of assuring the world that the EU is an entity that is a sovereign equal to the United States, it seems this myth has now been exposed by the very people who once proselytized for it. Some will even remember that when the EU Constitution was being rammed down the collective throats of putatively sovereign nation states, there was talk of the EU Constitution’s necessity in making the EU a body that could ‘stand up’ to America.

Now it seems the reality, that the US, including the CIA, wanted to force western European political-collectivism after 1945, is beginning to publically dawn on worried EU leaders.  At the time, the globalist forces in the US wanted to streamline political and consequently military operations in Europe and to do that, petty inconveniences like the sovereignty of post-war European states ought to be curtailed.

This would ideally make everything from setting up permanent US bases in places like West Germany easier and, more importantly, it would also have aided in the hypothetical triggering of Operation Gladio, a CIA operation which would have seen pro-US forces stay in Europe in the event that the Soviet Union would ‘march in’.

Since 1991, few US Presidents have realized that their outlandish plans for a Cold War turning hot in Europe had become redundant due to the….end of the Cold War. But Donald Trump seems keenly aware of this.

Trump seems to take a realistic view of European defense, namely that whatever US assistance is rendered to Europe ought to be transactional rather than come in the form of an ideological blank cheque.

It is because of this that Donald Tusk sees Donald Trump as an ‘existential threat’ to the EU, along with other bogus threats such as Russia and China. How Russia and China threaten the EU is a mystery. Russia has even said that they prefer a united Europe in one way or another, rather than a fractious Europe on the verge of internal strife.

China seems to be concerned less and less with the internal workings of a market which has been traditionally hostile towards the importation of Chinese goods.

The last on the list of ‘existential threats’ to the EU is radical Islam. Radical Islamic terrorism is, of course, a widespread threat, but it is a threat to people, not necessarily the EU, that is unless I missed the latest ISIS video when they expressed their desire to see European politicians oppose greater measures of federalisation, all in the name of blood-soaked jihad.

There is, however, one thing that ISIS and the EU do have in common. The louder they shout about how sate-like they are, the fewer and fewer people seem to believe them.

The EU is looking for enemies everywhere, looking for problems everywhere in the world, anything to avoid the fact that the problem with the EU isn’t in Washington, Moscow or Beijing, it is in Brussels where a trail of economic chaos has flowed to Greece, Cyprus and beyond. It is from Brussels where political disunity is now running from Vienna to Rome and where a democracy deficit may well win both French and Dutch elections for Eurosceptics.

The other Donald really ought to consider this before he blames all of his problems on….The Donald (Trump).

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