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Ukrainian leader’s visit to Trump was an epic FAILURE

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While many were wondering if somehow the beleaguered, bumbling war criminal leader of the Ukrainian regime Petro Poroshenko could some how convince Donald Trump to change his generally positive views about Russia, the truth is that the meeting could have been described as ‘useless’ before it even happened.

The truth of the matter is that Trump’s Russia policies will not be defined by ideology, it won’t be defined by the Russophobia of the fledgling regime in Kiev and it may not even be defined by Donald Trump’s own views.

In reality, Russia-US relations under the Trump administration will be defined by the result of the clash between Donald Trump’s pragmatic attitude to Russia which is tinged with a minor admiration for the fact that Russia is more functional than the US has been in recent years versus a deep-state apparatus along with a Democratic and Republican machine that are dead set against Washington having good relations with Russia.

Under Donald Trump, the US has slashed military aid to Kiev and as recently as May of 2017, has specified that what aid is still flowing into Kiev cannot be used for the overtly neo-Nazi Azov battalion.

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Even if Trump’s ‘project reconciliation’  with Russia totally fails and with Russia using its strongest words to condemn US aggression in Syria since the beginning of the conflict, this may be the reality, the machinations of Kiev will not push or pull this one way or another.

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Obama’s patently anti-Russian administration was more importantly an ideologically driven administration. Of course Obama’s henchmen and women were chasing money, but they did so with a distinctly ideological overtone that hardly ever worked in the interests of the long-term American purse.

Donald Trump by contrast generally sees foreign affairs practically though they are underlined by Trump’s instincts to associate profit with a good situation as well as Trump’s desire for personal prestige.

Saudi Arabia provided Trump with the money and prestige, while Israel treated Trump like some sort of messiah. Europe by contrast treated Trump with scorn and Trump scorned Europe back.

Ukraine can provide Trump with neither because it is incapable of doing do.

By contrast, any American President could provide Proshenko with prestidge but this is not what Poroshenko got.

According to the White House, Poroshenko’s visit was a ‘drop in visit’ rather than a more formal arranged meeting.

One can be assured the Prime Ministers of Britain or Japan wouldn’t ‘drop in’ to the White House. Sergey Lavrov himself certainly did not ‘drop in’, but this is what Poroshenko did.

Poroshenko of course called it a “substantial visit” which of course is true insofar as it is as substantial a visit with the President of the United States as he could realistically hope to get.

Poroshenko’s meetings with other US officials may have heartened him as they doubtlessly recited verbatim, the script from the Obama years, but the truth is that POTUS Trump simply doesn’t have very strong views on Ukraine and certainly does not see the violent Ukrainian regime as anything special.

The sparse comments Trump made after the meeting is a further testament to the fact that Kiev is not a priority for Trump.

Donald Trump who the day prior to Poroshenko’s visit Tweeted positively about his meeting with the President of Panama, posted nothing on Twitter about his meeting with Poroshenko.

Trump did however, post to Facebook the following video mocking Russiagate, a scandal tailor made for Poroshenko. Trump clearly was not convinced by the Ukrainian leader.

The fact of the matter is that when it comes to obstructing any possibility of good relations between the US and Russia, the US Congress and the deep state beyond that is far more effective than the lectures of an increasingly discombobulated Petro Poroshenko.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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