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President Trump turns on Attorney General Jeff Sessions

In back to back tweets earlier today, US president Donald Trump signaled a lack of confidence in his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, who until now was considered one of his staunchest allies.

The senator from Alabama was the first US senator to endorse Trump, and publicly supported the president throughout the unconventional campaign that brought him to the White House.

In a tweet at about 7 am Washington time, Trump shined the spotlight on Ukraine for its blatant election interference in favor of Hillary Clinton. Trump tagged Sean Hannity, who has been reporting on Ukraine’s efforts to boost Clinton.

But Trump also called out his attorney general, adding the question: “where is the investigation A.G.”

The president followed up this tweet with one directly attacking Sessions for his inaction on looking into Hillary Clinton’s crimes.

The tweets follow an interview Trump gave to the New York Times last week in which he slammed Sessions for recusing himself from the Russiagate investigation.

Sessions followed up his boss’ surprise comments by insisting in a press conference that he has no plans to step down.

If Sessions were to resign as head of the Justice Department, it would be the third high ranking member of Trump’s team to leave since he was sworn in, with press secretary Sean Spicer announcing his departure on Friday and National Security Advisor Mike Flynn being forced out after only one month on the job.

While the mainstream media contends this all represents chaos and dysfunction in the Trump White House, alternative media giant Alex Jones called Spicer’s resignation the beginning of a “purge” of the deep state, i.e. those careerists in the executive branch not willing to carry out the president’s policies.

Time will tell if erstwhile ally Sessions ends up next on the chopping block.

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