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UKRAINE: Cameraman fighting for life after military stunt gone wrong

A cameraman from the Perviy Krivorozhskiy volunteered to participate in a stunt wherein a Ukrainian soldier would shoot the man in the neck using a bullet-proof safety guard to protect the man from injury.

It was part of a simulated attack that formed part of a training exercise. However, due to the irresponsibly of a Ukrainian soldier, the man was shot in the neck and is currently fighting for his life in hospital.

The Ukrainian regime’s Ministry of Defence released the following statement,

“According to preliminary data, during a demonstrative exercise on capturing a mock perpetrator, the journalist received a gunshot wound of his neck due to negligent use of firearm on part of an instructor who led the training”.

The man has suffered a severe spinal chord injury and is currently in hospital where many expect he will die.

The man’s employer released the following videos showing the scenes just prior to the injurious gunshot as well as a subsequent video of the frantic scenes just after the possibly fatal wound was inflicted.

This is yet another example of the lack of professionalism and adequate training standards among contemporary Ukrainian troops.

There have been multiple incidents of Ukrainian troops shooting each other, often while intoxicated.

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