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UK thinktank wants to ‘name and shame’ people who appear on RT

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If you think the Vietnam war was a good idea, if you think that Richard Nixon’s de-escalation of the Cold War (however minor) was a sign of the old crook being a pussy, if you think that the only good commie is a dead one, and if you happen to be visiting London, oh boy have I got just the organisation for you.

It’s called the Henry Jackson Society and if you go to their offices at Milbank Tower, along the beautiful brown waters of the River Thames, I’m sure they’ll provide you some glorious literature to keep your family safe from the Communist menace. Hopefully they’ll even have some colouring books for the kids…please note that using the colour red is not acceptable.

Yes, it seems that such an organisation does exist. It shares the same office bloc with the Conservative Party and RT UK Studios. Needlessly to say, the Christmas party will be slightly awkward.

The organisation is named for anti-Soviet Cold War hawk, Henry Jackson, former US Democratic Senator from Washington State.

Their latest publicity stunt is to ‘name and shame’ UK politicians who appear on RT. Just to clarify, they want to ‘NAME and SHAME’ people who appear on a television channel watched by millions around the world. Just let that sink in….take all the time you need.

First of all, people who go on RT use their actual names, show their actual faces and if someone is going to state their views before an audience of millions, there is a strong probability that they are not ashamed of those views. The whole thing seems a bit, well…silly.

As someone who watches RT, supports RT’s mantra to ‘question more’ and appears on RT offering my real views, using my real name, and showing my real face – I think  this is hilarious.

The Henry Jackson Society states that their goal is to promote the neo-liberal agenda. Indeed they list their primary belief in their charter as: “(The Society) Believes that modern liberal democracies set an example to which the rest of the world should aspire”.

They say that Bill Clinton and Tony Blair’s illegal war on Serbia should be a model for future foreign policy. It’s hard to believe such people actually exist but they do.

What is even more pathetic is that some of the UK’s most popular politicians appear on RT and have consequently been proscribed by RT. These include people like Nigel Farage, who helped WIN the Brexit vote. Jeremy Corbyn, who twice WON Labour leadership contests and leads Britain’s second largest political party, George Galloway who has lead the Stop The War Coalition for years and helped mobilise opposition to the fully discredited war in Iraq, and Alex Salmond, prominent member and former leader of the largest political party in Scotland, the SNP.

It seems that neo-liberals want to shut down the winning competition, irrespective of from whence the competition derives. So much for the free-market.

It is ironic that when Tony Blair was being led like a dog from one geo-political disaster to another by George W. Bush, many in Britain were itching for the day when Britain would stop being the 51st state of the USA. Now that a sane and sensible man like Donald Trump has won the Presidency, Britain is asserting her independence and part of me wishes that London could go back to being ‘Washington D.C. East’.

Of course all nations have the right to be sovereign, but why has Britain chosen to show her independence in the most counter-productive way possible? Harold Wilson, who angered the US by wisely keeping Britain out of the Vietnam War, must be rolling over in his grave.

On November 23 the Henry Jackson Society met in Parliament to discuss people they refer to as ‘Putin’s Useful Idiots’. This includes anyone who has ever spoken on RT, including people critical of Russian policy and experts on a range of subjects which have nothing at all to do with Russia.

I am happy to say, under oath if requested, that RT has never told me what to say or how to say it. I thank them for that. Anyone who knows me for more than five minutes will realise that I don’t exactly react well when being told what to say.

RT is a beacon of diverse opinions of all stripes in a media market place cramped full of neo-liberal ‘fake news’.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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