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Trump style regime change: moderate British rebels align with America

Donald Trump Advocates His Own Version of Regime Change. Here’s How It May Happen.




Yes you read that correctly, even though it contradicts much of what Trump has said throughout the campaign and much of what I’ve said about him. But don’t worry, this is a very different kind of regime change. It will be done without violence, it will be done using existing democratic means and most importantly, it will be done according to the will of the people of the country in which the regime will be changed.

The country whose regime Donald Trump may well change, is The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

As Sergey Gladysh reported, Donald Trump recently met with moderate British rebel Nigel Farage and it isn’t the first time they’ve met. In many ways, when one looks at the political pedigree of both Trump and Farage, it is surprising that they didn’t meet years ago. But to be fair, when Farage was in the European Parliament, railing against the corruption, anti-democratic attitudes and master-slave relationship to countries like Greece that EU leadership employ, Trump was more interested in saying ‘you’re fired’ to his television apprentices, than to the political elite.

But since Brexit, Farage has frequently visited Trump and has shared platforms with him where both men spoke in unison, saying ‘you’re fired’ to the old guard. The lines of communication between President Putin and Trump are open and so too has President Assad’s government extended an olive branch to the America President-elect, one which Trump appears to want to clutch once he enters the White House.

Now, Farage and Trump are all smiles after their victory lap meeting at the gilded Trump Tower.

Although it would have been personally exciting to be part of that meeting, there is a place I would have far rather been. I would love to see the glum, saggy, frowny faces of the British political establishment when they realise that, Trump has met with Britain’s favourite moderate rebel before meeting any of them and that even more importantly, Trump’s foreign policy is set to make the old British establishment look even more foolish than they make themselves look and that is quite an accomplishment.

One is well to remember that this is the same British establishment who cling onto the tired and stupid ‘Assad Must Go’ line, this is the same British establishment who want to sanction Russia over the fact that a group of Obama installed fascists in Kiev have gone to war in Donbass (don’t look for logic in this British policy, there is none), this is the same British establishment whose state owned financially cartel, the Natwest branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group are trying to shut down RT’s operations in Britain.

Well here’s a news flash, Donald Trump is the first US President-elect in history to be interviewed on RT. He was interviewed by RT host Larry King, one of the most respected American journalists of the last thirty years.  How silly do those in Britain feel now that they’re trying to shut down RT when the soon to be President of America is happy to appear on RT? I really hope the great British sense of humour isn’t lost on them at this point, because there really is something Monty Pythonesque about the whole affair.

I can just see members of the Conservative party sitting around a table, happy to act as the 51st state, basing a foreign policy not on British interests but based on ‘truth, justice and the American way’. But the American way has changed and Trump’s version of it is more truthful and more just than that of any of his predecessors.

The moment she came into power, I said that Prime Minister Theresa May would not last very long. Foreign relations is not her area of expertise, she voted to remain in the EU, she is taking far too long to develop her own Brexit strategy and is being far from transparent in allowing others to offer their own suggestions.

Furthermore, she presides over a party that is  deeply divided in several directions over Europe, from remainiacs,  to soft Brexiteers, to hard Brexiteers to Boris Johnson, a man of many principles and if you don’t like those, don’t worry, he’s got plenty of others.

A recent High Court ruling means that May will have to allow Parliament to debate Brexit, this can only be a good thing, but before this is to happen there ought to be a general election, one that reflects the will of the British people to leave the EU. If there was a general election tomorrow, I have no doubt that in spite of organisational problems, UKIP would do very well indeed.

Nigel Farage is the moderate rebel who speaks of millions in Britain who have been let down by globalism, let down by money spent on war rather than the British people, let down by antagonistic foreign policies, let down by the system as a whole.

There is of course the matter of Scotland taking a different view on Europe than England and Wales. Although I believe it to be in the long term interests of everyone in Britain to remain in the UK, if  the Scottish people want to exercise their democratic right to self-determination, they can do so whenever they wish. For all of Britain’s problems and there are many, should Scotland decide to go her own way, I can assure you, there will be no Donbass on the Clyde and those in Scotland will remain a fraternal people with those in England.

Another moderate rebel who will do well is Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour party. Whilst Labour still has quite a few pro-war Blairites in the ranks, like Farage, Corbyn, from the left, speaks for millions who have been victims of privatisation and the demolition of great British industry. I believe at this state George Galloway, the prominent socialist, could re-enter Parliament easily. He too is a moderate rebel who speaks for millions more than the broken establishment could dream of doing.

After all, Galloway from the left and Farage from the right shared a Brexit platform as both men in their own way put the peoples’ interests before the interests of those who line the corridors of power. I frankly believe that Jeremy Corbyn could work better with Donald Trump than almost anyone in the Tory party. I say this for the same reason that on issues of protection and anti-globalist economic policies, Bernie Sanders has pledged to work with Trump when possible.

Trump has snubbed the British establishment by meeting Farage, but this is out of his own love for Britain, a country he has visited many times. Bush and Obama had often meet obscure opposition figures from the countries they were about to invade in order to put a local face on their blood-socked regime change policy. The trouble was, these leaders typically spoke for no one but themselves, it was mere window dressing for illegal wars.

By contrast, Nigel Farage speaks for the many and as soon as there is an election, I firmly believe he and those who think like him shall reap the electoral rewards. This, Mr. Bush and Mr. Obama is how regime change is conducted.

With a British establishment looking to cling on to the failed policies of the past, one is seeing the opposite of what one saw during the 1960s. In the 1960s, Prime Minister Harold Wilson refused to follow America into the Vietnam War. No one can now say that this decision was anything but correct. Now the tables have turned. America is behaving sensibly and Britain is still hell-bent on wars and aggression.

With the erecting of new burger restaurants outpacing the construction of new fish and chips shops in London, I have to say, though I never thought I would say it: Make Britain More American Again!

We live in strange times, but politically speaking, they are good times.

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Foreign Banks Are Embracing Russia’s Alternative To SWIFT, Moscow Says

Given its status as a major energy exporter, Russia has leverage that could help attract partners to its new SWIFT alternative.



Via Zerohedge

On Friday, one day after Russia and China pledged to reduce their reliance on the dollar by increasing the amount of bilateral trade conducted in rubles and yuan (a goal toward which much progress has already been made over the past three years), Russia’s Central Bank provided the latest update on Moscow’s alternative to US-dominated international payments network SWIFT.

Moscow started working on the project back in 2014, when international sanctions over Russia’s annexation of Crimea inspired fears that the country’s largest banks would soon be cut off from SWIFT which, though it’s based in Belgium and claims to be politically neutral, is effectively controlled by the US Treasury.

Today, the Russian alternative, known as the System for Transfer of Financial Messages, has attracted a modest amount of support within the Russian business community, with 416 Russian companies having joined as of September, including the Russian Federal Treasury and large state corporations likeGazprom Neft and Rosneft.

And now, eight months after a senior Russian official advised that “our banks are ready to turn off SWIFT,” it appears the system has reached another milestone in its development: It’s ready to take on international partners in the quest to de-dollarize and end the US’s leverage over the international financial system. A Russian official advised that non-residents will begin joining the system “this year,” according to RT.

“Non-residents will start connecting to us this year. People are already turning to us,”said First Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Russia Olga Skorobogatova. Earlier, the official said that by using the alternative payment system foreign firms would be able to do business with sanctioned Russian companies.

Turkey, China, India and others are among the countries that might be interested in a SWIFT alternative, as Russian President Vladimir Putin pointed out in a speech earlier this month, the US’s willingness to blithely sanction countries from Iran to Venezuela and beyond will eventually rebound on the US economy by undermining the dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency.

To be sure, the Russians aren’t the only ones building a SWIFT alternative to help avoid US sanctions. Russia and China, along with the European Union are launching an interbank payments network known as the Special Purpose Vehicle to help companies pursue “legitimate business with Iran” in defiance of US sanctions.

Given its status as a major energy exporter, Russia has leverage that could help attract partners to its new SWIFT alternative. For one, much of Europe is dependent on Russian natural gas and oil.

And as Russian trade with other US rivals increases, Moscow’s payments network will look increasingly attractive,particularly if buyers of Russian crude have no other alternatives to pay for their goods.

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US leaving INF will put nuclear non-proliferation at risk & may lead to ‘complete chaos’

The US is pulling out of a nuclear missile pact with Russia. The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty requires both countries to eliminate their short and medium-range atomic missiles.

The Duran



Via RT

If the US ditches the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), it could collapse the entire nuclear non-proliferation system, and bring nuclear war even closer, Russian officials warn.

By ending the INF, Washington risks creating a domino effect which could endanger other landmark deals like the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) and collapse the existing non-proliferation mechanism as we know it, senior lawmaker Konstantin Kosachev said on Sunday.

The current iteration of the START treaty, which limits the deployment of all types of nuclear weapons, is due to expire in 2021. Kosachev, who chairs the Parliament’s Upper House Foreign Affairs Committee, warned that such an outcome pits mankind against “complete chaos in terms of nuclear weapons.”

“Now the US Western allies face a choice: either embarking on the same path, possibly leading to new war, or siding with common sense, at least for the sake of their self-preservation instinct.”

His remarks came after US President Donald Trump announced his intentions to “terminate” the INF, citing alleged violations of the deal by Russia.

Moscow has repeatedly denied undermining the treaty, pointing out that Trump has failed to produce any evidence of violations. Moreover, Russian officials insist that the deployment of US-made Mk 41 ground-based universal launching systems in Europe actually violates the agreement since the launchers are capable of firing mid-range cruise missiles.

Leonid Slutsky, who leads the Foreign Affairs Committee in parliament’s lower chamber, argued that Trump’s words are akin to placing “a huge mine under the whole disarmament process on the planet.”

The INF Treaty was signed in 1987 by then-President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. The deal effectively bans the parties from having and developing short- and mid-range missiles of all types. According to the provisions, the US was obliged to destroy Pershing I and II launcher systems and BGM-109G Gryphon ground-launched cruise missiles. Moscow, meanwhile, pledged to remove the SS-20 and several other types of missiles from its nuclear arsenal.

Pershing missiles stationed in the US Army arsenal. © Hulton Archive / Getty Images ©

By scrapping the historic accord, Washington is trying to fulfill its “dream of a unipolar world,” a source within the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

“This decision fits into the US policy of ditching the international agreements which impose equal obligations on it and its partners, and render the ‘exceptionalism’ concept vulnerable.”

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov denounced Trump’s threats as “blackmail” and said that Washington wants to dismantle the INF because it views the deal as a “problem” on its course for “total domination” in the military sphere.

The issue of nuclear arms treaties is too vital for national and global security to rush into hastily-made “emotional” decisions, the official explained. Russia is expecting to hear more on the US’ plans from Trump’s top security adviser, John Bolton, who is set to hold talks in Moscow tomorrow.

President Trump has been open about unilaterally pulling the US out of various international agreements if he deems them to be damaging to national interests. Earlier this year, Washington withdrew from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on the Iranian nuclear program. All other signatories to the landmark agreement, including Russia, China, and the EU, decided to stick to the deal, while blasting Trump for leaving.

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Converting Khashoggi into Cash

After two weeks of denying any connection to Khashoggi’s disappearance, Riyadh has admitted that he was killed by Saudi operatives but it wasn’t really on purpose.

Jim Jatras



Authored by James George Jatras via The Strategic Culture Foundation:

The hazard of writing about the Saudis’ absurd gyrations as they seek to avoid blame for the murder of the late, not notably great journalist and Muslim Brotherhood activist Jamal Khashoggi is that by the time a sentence is finished, the landscape may have changed again.

As though right on cue, the narrative has just taken another sharp turn.

After two weeks of denying any connection to Khashoggi’s disappearance, Riyadh has ‘fessed up (sorta) and admitted that he was killed by Saudi operatives but it wasn’t really on purpose:

Y’see, it was kinda’f an ‘accident.’


Y’see the guys were arguing, and … uh … a fistfight broke out.

Yeah, that’s it … a ‘fistfight.’

And before you know it poor Jamal had gone all to pieces.


Must’ve been a helluva fistfight.

The figurative digital ink wasn’t even dry on that whopper before American politicos in both parties were calling it out:

  • “To say that I am skeptical of the new Saudi narrative about Mr. Khashoggi is an understatement,” tweeted Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. “First we were told Mr. Khashoggi supposedly left the consulate and there was blanket denial of any Saudi involvement. Now, a fight breaks out and he’s killed in the consulate, all without knowledge of Crown Prince. It’s hard to find this latest ‘explanation‘ as credible.”
  • California Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said in a statement that the new Saudi explanation is “not credible.” “If Khashoggi was fighting inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, he was fighting for his life with people sent to capture or kill him,” Schiff said. “The kingdom and all involved in this brutal murder must be held accountable, and if the Trump administration will not take the lead, Congress must.”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan must think he’s already died and gone to his eternal recreation in the amorous embraces of the dark-eyed houris. The acid test for the viability of Riyadh’s newest transparent lie is whether the Turks actually have, as they claim, live recordings of Khashoggi’s interrogation, torture, murder, and dismemberment (not necessarily in that order) – and if they do, when Erdogan decides it’s the right time to release them.

Erdogan has got the Saudis over a barrel and he’ll squeeze everything he can out of them.

From the beginning, the Khashoggi story wasn’t really about the fate of one man. The Saudis have been getting away with bloody murder, literally, for years. They’re daily slaughtering the civilian population of Yemen with American and British help, with barely a ho-hum from the sensitive consciences always ready to invoke the so-called “responsibility to protect” Muslims in Bosnia, Kosovo, Libya, Syria, Xinjiang, Rakhine, and so forth.

Where’s the responsibility not to help a crazed bunch of Wahhabist head-choppers kill people?

But now, just one guy meets a grisly end and suddenly it’s the most important homicide since the Lindbergh baby.

What gives?

Is it because Khashoggi was part of the MSM aristocracy, on account of his relationship with the Washington Post?

Was it because of his other, darker, connections? As related by Moon of Alabama: “Khashoggi was a rather shady guy. A ‘journalist’ who was also an operator for Saudi and U.S. intelligence services. He was an early recruit of the Muslim Brotherhood.” This relationship, writes MoA, touches on the interests of pretty much everyone in the region:

“The Ottoman empire ruled over much of the Arab world. The neo-Ottoman wannabe-Sultan Recep Tayyip Erdogan would like to regain that historic position for Turkey. His main competition in this are the al-Sauds. They have much more money and are strategically aligned with Israel and the United States, while Turkey under Erdogan is more or less isolated. The religious-political element of the competition is represented on one side by the Muslim Brotherhood, ‘democratic’ Islamists to which Erdogan belongs, and the Wahhabi absolutists on the other side.”

With the noose tightening around Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman (MbS), the risible fistfight cock-and-bull story is likely to be the best they can come up with. US President Donald Trump’s having offered his “rogue killers” opening suggests he’s willing to play along. Nobody will really be fooled, but MbS will hope he can persuade important people to pretend they are fooled.

That will mean spreading around a lot of cash. The new alchemy of converting Khashoggi dead into financial gain for the living is just one part of an obvious scheme to pull off what Libya’s Muammar Kaddafi managed after the 1988 Lockerbie bombing: offer up some underlings as the fall guys and let the top man evade responsibility. (KARMA ALERT: That didn’t do Kaddafi any good in the long run.)

In the Saudi case the Lockerbie dodge will be harder, as there are already pictures of men at the Istanbul Consulate General identified as close associates of MbS. But they’ll give it the old madrasa try anyway since it’s all they’ve got.Firings and arrests have started and one suspect has already died in a suspicious automobile “accident.” Heads will roll!

Saving MbS’s skin and his succession to the throne of his doddering father may depend on how many of the usual recipients of Saudi – let’s be honest – bribery and influence peddling will find sufficient pecuniary reason to go along. Saudi Arabia’s unofficial motto with respect to the US establishment might as well be: “The green poultice heals all wounds.”

Anyway, that’s been their experience up to now, but it also in part reflects the same arrogance that made MbS think he could continue to get away with anything. (It’s not shooting someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue, but it’s close.) Whether spreading cash around will continue to have the same salubrious effect it always has had in the past remains to be seen.

To be sure, Trump may succeed in shaking the Saudi date palm for additional billions for arms sales. That won’t necessarily turn around an image problem that may not have a remedy. But still, count on more cash going to high-price lobbying and image-control shops eager to make obscene money working for their obscene client. Some big American names are dropping are dropping Riyadh in a sudden fit of fastidiousness, but you can bet others will be eager to step into their Guccis, both in the US and in the United Kingdom. (It should never be forgotten how closely linked the US and UK establishments are in the Middle East, and to the Saudis in particular.)

It still might not work though. No matter how much expensive PR lipstick the spinmeisters put on this pig, that won’t make it kissable. It’s still a pig.

Others benefitting from hanging Khashoggi’s death around MbS’s neck are:

  • Qatar (after last year’s invasion scare, there’s no doubt a bit of Schadenfreude and (figurative) champagne corks popping in Doha over MbS’s discomfiture. As one source close to the ruling al-Thani family relates, “The Qataris are stunned speechless at Saudi incompetence!” You just can’t get good help these days).

Among the losers one must count Israel and especially Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu. MbS, with his contrived image as the reformer, was the Sunni “beard” he needed to get the US to assemble an “Arab NATO” (as though one NATO weren’t bad enough!) and eliminate Iran for him. It remains to be seen how far that agenda has been set back.

Whether or not MbS survives or is removed – perhaps with extreme prejudice – there’s no doubt Saudi Arabia is the big loser. Question are being asked that should have been asked years ago. As Srdja Trifkovic comments in Chronicles magazine:

“The crown prince’s recklessness in ordering the murder of Khashoggi has demonstrated that he is just a standard despot, a Mafia don with oil presiding over an extended cleptocracy of inbred parasites. The KSA will not be reformed because it is structurally not capable of reform. The regime in Riyadh which stops being a playground of great wealth, protected by a large investment in theocratic excess, would not be ‘Saudi’ any longer. Saudia delenda est.”

The first Saudi state, the Emirate of Diriyah, went belly up in 1818, with the death of head of the house of al-Saud, Abdullah bin Saud – actually, literally with his head hung on a gate in Constantinople by Erdogan’s Ottoman predecessor, Sultan Mahmud II.

The second Saudi state, Emirate of Nejd, likewise folded in 1891.

It’s long past time this third and current abomination joined its antecedents on the ash heap of history.

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