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Female genital mutilation: a barbaric practice gaining popularity in the West

In 1963, Stanley Kramer made a film called It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. The film was a comedy, but today, when one reads the news coming out of Western societies, it seems that the title could easily be applied to a contemporary documentary on sick and disgusting social trends.

As the West becomes increasingly Godless, it is most peculiar that many individuals in the West are adopting the most regressive trends from ancient Islamic societies, trends which many in the modern moderate Muslim world have long since abandoned.

One such practice, which occurs primarily in Islamic majority of Africa and some Gulf States, is the so-called female genital mutilation. And it is now becoming an elective surgery amongst women in the West.

This has confused British lawmakers who have banned the practice in the UK, although there has yet to be a successful conviction for anyone caught practicing it. The popular myth is that most female genital mutilation in Britain takes place in back-allies performed by unlicensed practitioners. But now, grown women of a mostly non-Islamic backgrounds are undergoing similar procedures at high priced private clinics.

According to legal analysts, even when performed on consenting grown-women, doctors must report such surgeries to a public body.

The West has truly lost its moral compass. People in countries like Syria are fighting against obscurantist forces whilst those in the West adopt retrograde practices and willingly pay for the privilege.

On the one hand, it is difficult to stop those of a legally adult age from physically mutilating themselves. After all, Van Gogh couldn’t be stopped from chopping off his own ear. But I do have to question the ethics of doctors who perform such surgeries. These women do not need to mutilate their bodies, they need psychiatric treatment.

Unfortunately, most psychiatric professionals in the West have been bought and sold by big-pharma and cannot be of much help to the desperate and confused women who think the road to self-fulfilment leads to the knife of the mutilator.

A new philosophical and spiritual enlightenment is needed to save those in the West from their own social and moral decay. It is a very sad and disheartening state of affairs.

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